Bayford War Memorial.

Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 83 to 85
The CWWG reference page and memorial.
Vidal Notes.

1901 Census

Residence: Sandroyd,Private School, Cobham, Epson, Surrey
Lancelot Vidal 13 boarder

Residence: The Vicarage, Bayford
Name Age
R W Vidal 58 Sydney, N S Wales, Clergyman of the church of England.
Caroline Elizabeth Vidal 49 Bulmer, Essex, England
Dorothy Vidal 19 Sutton, Suffolk, England
Bridget Elizabeth Vidal 15 Bayford, Hertfordshire
Lois Vidal 12 Bayford, Hertfordshire
Charles John Vidal 5 Bayford, Hertfordshire
Elizabeth Standen 25

1891 Census

Residence: Bayford
Name Age
Robert W Vidal 48 Vicar of Bayford
Caroline E Vidal 39
Mary T Vidal 12
Dorothy Vidal 9
Robert M Vidal 7
Bridget E Vidal 5
Lancelot A Vidal 3
Lois Vidal 1