St Mary Bayford, June 2001


J31. Bench

ILMo Alice and Frank ARMITAGE SMITH Bayford 1936 - 1990.


1. ILMo My dear husband Walter DURGAN, who died August 11th 1831, aged 66 years.

Francis Matilda Durgan, died feb 18th 1950, aged 73 years. ‘God knows best’.


4. ILMo My dear wife Elizabeth HURFORD, who passed away Sept 6th 1925, aged 74 years.

Also William Henry  Hurford husband of the above, who passed away Feby 9th 1927, aged 74 years.

And of their daughter Elizabeth Hurford, who died 25th March 1955, aged 69 years.


5. IMo William W MILNE died Dec 1st 1918, aged 60 years .

also Caroline Susan wife, 1858 - 1946.


6. IMo Adelaide DURGAN 16 October 1955, aged 84, for over 50 years verger of this church. Well done thou good and faithful servant


7. R.I.P. ILMo Our dear Mother Charlotte HILL, died December 14th 1911.

Our dear Father William Hill, who lies near this spot, died February 16th 1905 aged 67 years.


8. ILMo Mary Elizabeth DURGAN died Feb 7th 1909, aged 43 years. “Thy will be done” .


9. ILMo James BROWN who died March 21st 1898, aged 53. “Cast me not away from thy presence”.

Also Nancy wife of the above who died July 16th 1916, aged 70 years. “With Christ which is far better”.


10. ILMo John Leonard WELLS of Bayford ,who died March 10th 1900, aged 50 years. Peace perfect peace, death shadowing us and ours, Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers, it is enough, earth’s struggles soon shall cease, and Jesus call us to heaven’s perfect peace.


11. IMo Martha Dorothy MILNE died Octr 18th 1902, aged 19 years. R.I.P.


12. ILMo Ellen Sarah HOWE, died Aug 29th 1931.


13 LLM Edith  the dearly loved daughter of John and Elizabeth GIBBS, who died Nov 21 1882, aged 23 years .


14. ILMo Emily Anne widow of the James KIDDILL of Hertford and eldest beloved daughter of John and Elizabeth GIBBS, who died Jan 20th 1879, aged 33 Years.


15. ILMo Sarah HOWE died Sep 12th 1952, aged 95 years.

Her sister Lucy STEER died March 1st 1945, aged 74 years.


16. IMo M. A. Valentine WITKOWSKI, died October 30th 1872, aged 71 .


17. HP1908


18. ILMo Elizabeth Ann, the beloved wife of Josiah RUDD, who died Dec 23rd 1893, aged 29 years. Had he asked us well we know we should cry ‘O spare this blow’, yes with streaming tears should pray “Lord we love her  let her stay”.


19 ILMo Mary Ann widow of William HINDES died Dec 10th 1894 aged 72 years waiting in a holy stillness wrapped in sleep.

Harriet Martha LONG daughter died aug 9th 1933, aged 82. Interred Clun Salop,


20. In loving memory  of Caroline Maria HOBLEY, the dearly loved wife of Alfred James Hobley, who died April 25th 1886, aged 30 years. If I ask him to receive ye, will he say me nay; not till earth and not till heaven pass away.


21. ILMo Eliza Jane GLENDINNING who died December 30th 1883, aged 35 years.  For ever with the Lord, amen, so let it be


22. ILMo Don younger son of Sydney and Ida BIRD who died Oct 29th 1937, aged 15 years  “His life a beautiful memory his death a silent grief he sleeps in God’s beautiful garden in the sunshine of perfect peace.

ILMo Emma youngest daughter of James and Sarah Bird who died June 9th 1882, aged 9 years.

Also of Sarah Bird who died July 2nd 1903, aged 75 years. At rest .

Also of James Bird who died feb 8th 1906, aged 77 years.


23. [Cyril William Page][1] Born September 11 1805, Died 11 April 1873, 30 years incumbent of Christ Church Westminster.


24. To the memory of John Wunter James GIFFORD formerly Captain 18th Hussars and 21st Fuseliers this monument is erected by officers and men of the Adm. Bat. Herts. Rifle Voluteers of which he was 16 years Adjutant he died 27th June 1877, aged 46.


25 ILMo Elizabeth Ann WILSON, who fell asleep 20th August 1930, aged 65 years.


26 IELMo My dear wife, Isabella WALDEN, who passed away Dec 18th 1920 aged 59 year peace perfect peace.

Also her husband, Thomas Walden died March 30th 1951, aged 88 years.


27. ILMo Sarah SMITH, who died Thursday December 24th 1885 aged 62 years. Absent from the body, present in the Lord.

Also Charles Smith husband of the above, who died September 25th 1899, aged 79 years.


28. In loving memory Louisa CHILDS, died May 23rd 1895.


29. ILMo Ellen Kate daughter of John and Sarah JONES who died September 27 1881, aged 14 years


30 ILMo Henry PALLETT who died November 6th 1886, aged 57 years.

Also of Sarah his wife who died July 30th 1910, aged 78 years.

Also of Cornelius John B … son in law of the above who died January 17 (1887), aged 71 years. The …


31 ILMo Job JONES died August 31st 1910, aged 67 years.

Also Sarah Ann wife of the above, who died Nov 11th 1926, aged 84 years.


32. IMo James REED entered into rest, July 21st 1900, aged 67 years.

Also Mary Ann wife of the above entered into rest April 19th 1879, aged 58 years


33.HP 1886, SP 1910.


34. Robert Wellington VIDAL, 19 February 1846, 10 November 1911, Vicar of Bayford 1881-1901. He shall doubtless come again with joy.

IMo Mary Theresa Vidal, born Nov 24 1878, at rest Oct 26 1898.

And her brother Mark, born Feb 3 1884, at rest Jan 1 1900.


35. Minnie KINGSLEY + 28 August 1929. Bone paster panis vere Jesu nostri miserere tu nos bona fac videre in terre viventium.

Henry Wilson Demain SAUNDERS, 11 November 1888. Requiescat in pace.


36. IMo Henry William CLINTON BAKER, Squire of Bayfordbury for 32 years b. 1865 d. 1935.


37. Anna Emma Katherine The Beloved Wife of William Robert BAKER Born Nov 18 1812 Died May 2nd 1894.

Also William Robert Baker of Bayfordbury Born Oct 8th 1810 Died Nov 29 1896.


40 STTMo Captain EADE who died the 17th of October 1828 in the 73rd year of his age.

STTMo Annabella the beloved wife of Captn Eade of this parish who departed this life on the 26th August 1826, in the 73rd year of her age.


41. Charles CAESAR esq obiit 1 Nov 1780 atat 56 .

Jane Caesar his wife obit 11 April 1737, atat 23.

Charlotte Caesar obiit 2 June 1733 atat 15 months.

Their third daughter Harriet, born 1734, married Robt Chester esq of Albury Herts and Mayfair London, was buried at Hertingfordbury in this county 1792.

Julius Caesar (Major General) only brother of the above served in the 2nd Regiment Footguards died in Germany 1762 .

The father of Chas Caesar of Bayford was Chas Caesar of Bennington Place, Hertford shire (sic), twice MP for Herts. Born Nov 21st 1673 died April 1st 1744, buried  at Bennington, his widow, Mary daughter of Ralph Freeman of Aspenden Hall, Herts, and of Elizabeth daughter of Sir J Aubrey, of Wales died 1744.

His sisters died unmarried Mary Feb 19th 1784 aged 74 Elizabeth Aug 15th 1790 aged 56. And were buried  in the churchyard of All Saints Church Hertford.

Charles Caesar Esq 14 Nov 1740 aetat 36.

Jane Caesar his wife obiit 11 April 1737 aetat 23.

Charlotte Caesar obiit 2 June 1733 atat 13 months .

Jane second daughter of the above born 1733, married 1st Sir Charles Cotbell Dormer, Kt of Rousham, Oxfordshire, and secondly The Honble (sic) George Lane Parker of Woodbury Hall in the parish of Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire at which place she was buried 1802.


42 To the memory of William TARRANT who died Decr 31st 1850 aged 64.

Also Ann Tarrant wife of the above  who died May 28th 1852 aged 60.

Also Ellen Tarrant who died Jany 20th 1850 …

Caroline BAILEY who died Decr 20th 1852, aged 12.

And Ann Bailey who died July 15th 1854 aged 15. Grand-daughters of William and Ann Tarrant.

WT 1850, AT 1852, ET 1850, CB 1852, AB 1884.


43. IMo Eliza wife of William MASON who died July … 1864, aged 56 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.


44. ILMo Florence Elizabeth LOVERIDGE 5.6.1910 – 27.9.1986. Dearly loved.


45 ILMo Ronald Kenneth WEBB 10th April 1914 14th June 1988,

Also his sister Margaret Alice Kenneth Webb 10th Sep 1921 to 15th Oct 1993,


47. ILMo Elsie Rose HOWELL, 16th June 1922 26th  July 1988.


48 ILMo Stephen SAMULAK, born 24.12.1928 (Zubrec) died 25.10.1988.


49 no marker


50. ILMo Arthur BROWN, died Oct ber (sic) 1990.


51 ILMo Elizabeth Mary GRIFFIN, born 29.Aug.1931, died 28.feb.1991.

Also Edward Alfred Griffin born 9.June.1924 died 7.Nov.1995. Per mari per terra.


52. ILMo David LLEWELLYN, who passed away 7th Jan 1992, aged 59


53 Cherished memories of a dearly beloved husband and dad Douglas ROWSELL, who fell asleep 9th January 1993, aged 73.

Also a dearly loved wife and mum Elizabeth Rowsell, who fell asleep 2nd October 1997, aged 79.

Beloved grandparents. At peace, never shall their memory fade.


54 Gwendoline May WEEDON 25.1.1922 to 1.6.1985. A dear wife and mother forever in our hearts .

Bernard Edward Weedon 28.12.1916 – 29.5.1999. Much loved father  and grandfather.


55. No marker


56 Always in our thoughts, dear son and brother John Michael DOWTON, died 1st May 1975 aged 18.


57. M. PEARCE 1894 - 1977, F G CAMP 1878 - 1977.


58. No marker


59. In affectionate and loving memory of Ethel Gertrude HEATHFIELD.


60. Anthony BELL 1923 – 1986 R.I.P.


61. ILMo Douglas Eric WILLIAMSON (Bill) who died 27th December 1984, aged 66 years. Village schoolmaster and friend to all. Dearly loved by all his family in heavenly love abiding.


65. IMo Dear parents Leslie ORME 12.8.1902 – 14.1.1982.

Mary (Mollie) Orme 6.4.1917 – 9.10.1989. Together forever.


66. IMo Kate Winifred STEPHEN 1888 - 1973.


67. ILMo Ellen A. HAYDOCK passed away 25th April 1973, aged 68 years.

Also Abraham Warren husband of the above passed away 16th April 1981, aged 76 years. My dear parents. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


68. ILMo Thomas Henry MURPHY. And if a tear that speaks regret of happier time appear a glimpse of joy that we have met shall shine and dry the tear.


69. ILM Gerald Hugh NICHOLSON 1905 – 1970 .

Jean Fenella Prior 1934 - 1975.

Margaret Evelyn Nicholson, 1907 - 2000.


70. No marker


72. STTMo John WEBBER who died June 13 1843, aged 35 years.


73. IMo William DEARMAN of Bayford, who died August 25th 1863, aged 63 years. Thy self with God. John xxii.


74. ILMo Edith Irene NEIL died 17th April 1995, aged 80.


75. IELMo a dear husband William John PRYKE who fell asleep 26th Nov 1995 aged 81 years.

And his dear wife Doris Minnie Pryke who fell asleep 12th Aug 1997, aged 83 years. Verger of this church for 42 years


76. ILMo Michael HILL (Mick) 19.2.1928 – 22.2.1997.


77. Stanley J.PIGGOTT.


78. ILM Shirley HIPGRAVE 1939-2000. Passed away 26 November 2000. I  will always love you darling. Norman.


Yarrell 9 graves


Y1  Y2  Y3

Y4  Y5  Y6

Y7  Y8  Y9



Y7. ILMo Harriot YARRELL who died Feby the 12th 1796 aged 16 years. Since like the rose youth quickly flies, It’s short life dates the same, O let this lesson make you wise, Great author of your frame.


Y8 Here lie the remains of William YARRELL, V.P.L.S. F.Z.S.. of Saint James’s Westminster author of ‘A History of British Birds’ and of ‘A History of British Fishes’, born June IIId MDCCLXXXIV died Sept 1st MDCCCIVI. He was the survivor of twelve brothers and sisters who with their father and mother are all placed close to this … “First and last” Earliest summoned and the longest spared are here deposited” Wordsworth.


Y9 ILM Caroline YARRELL youngest daughter of Francis and Sarah Yarrell of Ryder Street born 22nd Sept 1788, Died 30th May 1839 in her 51st year. CY 1839


Y4 IMo Sarah YARRELL who died Jan the 1st 1790 aged 12 years.  This mouldering stone can ill express, the many virtues which did bless, her life had gained her a throne. SY 1790


Y5 IM Francis YARRELL late of Great Ryder Street St James’s London who died March 23rd 1794 aged 45. Also seven of their infant children. Riches had wings and fled away we are but vanity and a lump of clay. FY 1794.


Y6 IMo Sarah YARRELL wife of Mr Francis Yarrell late of Great Ryder Street St. James’s London, who died the 14th day of Sept 1812, aged 64 years. ST 1812.












80 ILMo Charles Theodore BARCLAY, born July 17th 1867 died March 30th 1921


81 ILMo Christopher Gurney BARCLAY, born April 6th 1897 died June 24th 1962


82 STTMo Edward JONES Esq of Birchhanger Place, Essex obiit 18th November 1850, aetat 68 .

STTMo Sophia the beloved wife of Edward Jones Esq of Birchhanger Place, Essex obiit July 9th 1834, aetat 49.

TTMo Edward Jones Esq late of Brompton Cresent in the County of Middlesex who departed this life October the 28th 1808, aged 59 years.

Martha Jones his widow obiit Sept 14th 1820, etat 69.


83 IMo a dearly loved husband and father John Robert SHOULTS who died 13th September 1981, aged 55 years.


84 Mrs Sarah Roberts. Here lie’th the body of Sarah wife of Richard ROBERTS of Bayfordbury farm where she spent the last 30 years of their life, who died the 28th day of March 1811, aged 56.


85. Mr Richard Roberts. Here lie’th the body of Mr Richard ROBERTS, late land steward at Bayfordbury in this parish where he served 29 years and died at Codicote the 3rd day of April 1829, in the 79th year of his age.


Baker vault

William BAKER of Bayfordbury born 1743 dec 1821

Sophia Baker widow of William Baker born 1759 dec 1847


Henrietta Juliana wife of Robert Henry JENKINSON born 1785 dec 1847

Robert Henry Jenkinson of Norbiton Hall, Surrey, born 1786 dec 1857

Charlotte Amelia daughter of William and Sophia Baker born 1785 dec 1836

Three infant children of W & S Baker. George Finch dec 1783, Caroline Julia dec 1796 John Thomas dec 1800

William Baker son of William and Sophia Baker …

Admiral Sir Lewis Clinton Baker 16th March 1866 12th Dec 1959

And his wife Rosa Agnes Clinton Baker 4th July 1889 5 September 1960


86 IMo Mrs Mary CHANDLER who departed this life the Feb 20th 1779 aged 64 years.  MC1779.


87 George BLANE who departed this life Decr 20th 1777 aged 76 and Hannah Blane who departed this life July 15 1864 aged 85

GB 1777. HB 1864.


88 IMo Mr Thomas GOOD late of Windsor obiit August 13 1805 atat 29.

Edward Thomas Good son of the above who died June 8th 1825, at (Tobago in the West Indies). in the 19 year of his age.

I the wise William Good son of the above who died the 8th of June 1825 in the 21st year of his life.

Both deservedly and sincerely lamented by all who knew them. TG 1805. ETG. WG 1825.


100. Per crucem as lucem. William CLINTON BAKER of Bayfordbury b. Sep 26 1839,  d July  7 1903 RIP. Love is of God

Also Edith Mildmay Ashurst his wife b. Sep 3 1841,  d. Dec 19 1922


101. Herbert Nelson LEAR born January 22nd 1852, died September 18th 1930.

Estina Anna wife of Hertbert Lear, born August 24th 1867, died September 12th 1925.


102. Edward Godfrey CLINTON BAKER died April 11th 1914, aged 5 years “It is well with the child” .

Violet Clinton Baker mother of the above, died May 24th 1947, aged 63 years.

Geoffrey Clinton Baker husband of the above, died January 10th 1951, aged 79 years.


103. Charles Edward HORNBY formerly vicar of Ebrington in Gloucester (sic) shire, born 20 Oct 1836, died 16 March 1918 .

He who has served his generation. By the will of God he fell in sleep.

To the glory of Harriet C. Hornby, born October 25 1840, died January 11 1915. Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to thy cross cling.


104. ILMo Charles BARCLAY b 2 Oct 1837, d 2 Jan 1910.

Charlotte Cassandra Barclay his wife,  b 10 Aug 1843, d 4 Jan 1917.


105. Charlotte Cassandra ANNESLEY 3rd Oct 1882 24th Dec 1924

And her husband Francis Cotton Annesley 12th April 1871 13 July 1952

And their only daughter Mary Cassandra Annesley 5th feb 1916 11th jan 1964


106. Keep innocency and take heed unto the thing that is right for that shall bring a man peace at last.

Admiral Alexander Plantagenet HASTINGS C.B. born Dec 31st 1843 died Dec 7th 1925 “The Lord is my shepherd therefore can I lack nothing”

Edith Caroline Hastings his wife born Feb 23rd 1854, died Feb 15th 1941


107.Constance Hastings DENT born 26th May 1879 died 13 April 1917.

Also ILMo Jane Dent her mother, died 11 December 1925, aged 73 years.


108. ILMo Georgina Anne RANDOLPH who died at Bayford House on October 23rd 1916, aged 87 years. He giveth his beloved sleep.

Also of Adelaide Margaret Randolph, died 3rd May 1920, aged 89 years.


109. Jesu mercy. Henrietta Mabel HASTINGS  .


110. Leonard Marlborough HOWELL of Bayford Grange, born 1856, died 1939.


111. Brenda Elizabeth HOWELL Nov 12th 1913 - Dec 19th 1941.


112. The Reverend Robert Bruce Scoular Jameson WATSON 1904 - 1994, Vicar of Bayford 1958 - 1975.


113. Eva Maud BROWN 1879 - 1960.


114. Denys Hugh BROWN RAF 1909 - 1941  .

Edith l Brown 1880 - 1952


115. The Reverend Charles Henry BROWN, BA 1877 – 1961. A Master of Haileybury College 1907 – 1937. Vicar of this parish 1937 - 1958.


116. ILMo my darling wife Isabella Maud DARLOW, born 17th March 1907, died 16th Sept 1968 R.I.P.


117. IMo Harold William DARLOW,  born 12 September 1910, died 11 April 1974. Rest in peace.


118. Elaine Margaret, daughter of Martha & Josephine COOK aged 5 years & 8 months. He took her up in his arm.


119. ILMo Ella Jane HOLDEN, born 9th April 1885, died 5th July 1930.

And her devoted husband Lewis Edward Holden, born 20th Nov 1885, died 9th Jan 1983.


120. ILMo Charlotte DONNELLY, born May 24th 1861, died Oct 8th 1932.


121. ILMo my dear mother Alice Jane ROBBINS died 28 March 1957. Her life a beautiful memory her absence a silent grief

Also of Hilda Robbins daughter of the above, died 22 November 1981, aged 79 years..


122. ILMo Fred WRIGHTON of Walthamstow and Bayford, died Nov 15th 1956. Life’s race well run now cometh rest


123. ILMo my dear wife Winifred Hilda FLETCHER died 9th January 1957, aged 63.

Also of Edward Fletcher husband of the above died 12th March 1959, aged 65.


125 no marker


126. Sylvia RIX mum 1895 - 1957. Florence, a loving daughter 1908 - 1977.


127. ILMo our dear mum and dad Sophia BROWN, who fell asleep 7th April 1956, aged 75.

Afred Brown, who died 13th December 1974, aged 96.


128. No inscription


129. IMo Abraham BRACE who died 16 th April 1946, aged 58 years. Rest in peace. And his wife Francis 1902 - 1990.


130. Charles Thomas SHADBOLT 1902 - 1941. United together.

Alice G Shadbolt (Jean) 1905 - 1988. Until the day dawn.


131. ILM Jessie HULL died 9th Decr 1935, aged 42 years. Rest in peace.


132. ILMo Francis CROFTS, born 5 Feb 1862, died 29 May 1931.


133. Francis T H HASTINGS, born January 7th 1850, died December 20th 1905.


134. In memoriam Robert Mills HALL, MB, CN, OBE born 12th Sep 1872 died 10th Dec 1929.

Alice Eleanor Hall born 5th Oct 1873 died 9th Sep 1940.

Cora Josephine Mary Hall born 24th Aug 1904 died 9th Sep 1940.

Eric Alton Hall born 27 Feb 1903 died 11 April 1997.


135. Reg DAWSON Oct 1919 - April 1994. Always in our thoughts family and friends.

Also his wife Connie Mar 1923 - Jul 1998. Both sadly missed.


135a. IELMo Barbara infant daughter of Hilda and Albert MONK of Bayford, died July 27th 1932 Aged 11 weeks. Safe in the arms of Jesus.


135b. Cherished of memories Sheila Margaret MISSEN died feb 22nd 1938 aged 10 days. Safe in the arms of Jesus.


136. ILMo Lance Corporal James FLETCHER 4th Essex Regt, died of wounds received in action in France Oct 31th 1917, aged 29 years .


137 Marcia ROBERTS 06.07.1921 20.07.1999.


138. ILMo Orlando ALLEN who died April 28th 1936, Aged 88 years.

ILMo Rebecca Allen who died June 4th 1912, aged 67 years.

ILMo Aubrey Allen (3rd Coldstream Guards) who died December 18th 1914 aged 41 years simply to thy cross I cling.


139. ILMo Harry William FISH who fell asleep on 28th October1960, aged 69 years. At rest

Also Alfred Edward on 16th October 1979, aged 78 years. Brothers united.


140. ILMo John William BELL died 16th November 1955, aged 49 years.

And his wife Myrtle Rose died 4th February 1986, aged 80 years.


141. ILMo Rose Sarah CHEEK died Oct 30th 1942, aged 66 years. At rest.

John James William Cheek died May 6 1943, aged 72 years.


142. ILMo Reuben CHILDS died 10th July 1937, aged 28 .

John Alfred Childs dies 11th Nov 1937, aged 64.

Rosa Mary Childs died 25th Dec 1963, aged 88.

James Alfred Childs died 30th Nov 1988, aged 72.

Dora Storton, died 29th Dec 1998 Aged 91

Rosa Mary Hirons, Died 15th July 2000, aged 81


143. Reginald Henry CHILDS 1904  to 1966.

ILMo Julia Childs died January 4th 1936, aged 87.

Frederick Childs died March 28th 1935, aged 87.


144. ILMo Harry GENTRY who passed away June 11th 1925, aged 16 years. Thy will be done.


145. No marker


146. ILMo Leslie R COLLINS of Brickendon died Sunday May 25th 1918, aged 13 years. Thy will be done


149. Vera Ellen daughter of Arthur & Adelaide SCRIPPS 1930 - 1940. At rest in gods garden.


151. ILMo my dear husband Arthur Edward SAMS who died 22nd January 1953, aged 56 years.

Also his father Joseph Sams, who died  21 April 1935

Agnes Florence Sams died 22nd July 1983, aged 92 years. RIP.


153 ILMo my dearest husband William FISH, died January 17th 1924,  aged 63 years. “For ever in my thoughts”.


154 IMo Hilda CANNON died 1st Feb 1981, aged 84 .

Walter George Cannon died 11th February 1994. aged 95. Years together again.


155. R.I.P. Elizabeth widow of Henry Wilmott TWITCHIN died Oct 25th 1905 in her 35th year.


156. No marker


157. ILMo Mary Ann BELL, who departed this life 5th Aug 1958, aged 81 years.


158. TTMo our darling Jill. Gillian Mary daughter of Percy and Jessie SMITH 1938 - 1947. Sleep in Jesus


159. Annie Elizabeth PANTING (Nancy) died 3rd Nov 1961, aged 64 years.

Also William Charles Panting died 12th March 1970, aged 73 years.


160. ILMo a dear husband and father William G. MURFITT, who died 21st May 1964, aged 68.

And his beloved wife Rose who died 19th July 1983.


161. Treasured memories of a dear husband and father Leonard James SAMS, died 28th September 1964, aged 63 years.

Also of Elizabeth Mary Sams wife and mother died 6th July 1779, aged 73 years.


162. ILMo Edward FITZJOHN, who passed away 27th October 1965, aged 67 years.


163. ILMo our dear son Leslie Arthur CANNON, who passed away 7th November 1966, aged 39 years.


164. IMo Thomas George HIPGRAVE, died 8th March 1967 aged 65.

Also his wife Clara, died 17.10.87 aged 84.


165.ILMo Alice WEBB 30 April 1889 - 19 May 1960.

Also Kenneth George Webb 6th Novenber 1886 - 16th July 1964.


166. ILMo Arthur James HALES (Jim) died 27th Sept 1960, aged 70 years.

Kate Annie Hales died 14th February 1964, aged 73 years. Gone but not forgotten never shall thy memory fade.


171.In affectionate remembrance of Emily CATLING, who died Jan 4th 1893, aged 37 years.

Also near this spot is interred Emily Catling mother of the above, who died Jany 1st 1885, aged 53.


172. ILMo William Thomas Rodwell HALE, who died 7th April 1958, aged 79 years.


173. ILMo William George BURGESS 1915 - 1986.


174. Cpl A H ADSETT killed in action 1918.

Henry Adsett 1869 - 1954

Clara Adsett 1872 - 1962.


175 ILMo Sarah Ann wife of O. CATLING, who died Dec 31st 1929, aged 71.

And of Owen Catling, who passed peacefully away on Sept 8 1932, aged 75.

Also of Charles Owen Catling, killed in action  July 10th 1916, aged 24.


176. ILMo Samuel HILL, who died April 5th 1952 aged 65 years.


177. Royce Nigel EYRE [b. 20th March 1932, d. 28th Nov 1998][2].


178. ILMo Alfred BUTTERFIELD who died 20th December 1954, aged 86 years.

Also his wife Rosina who died 1st March 1973, aged 102 years


179. ILMo James HAYDOCK, who passed away 10th December, 1954, aged 77 years “Until me meet”.

Also Millicent Alice wife of the above, who passed away 9th August 1967, aged 90 years “Reunited”.


180. ILMo Solomon PARKER, who fell asleep 26th jan 1954 aged 81.

And his wife Beatrice, who fell asleep 31st May 1957 aged 82.

And his son Thomas, who passed away 29th Dec 1957 aged 58.


181. ILMo Edith Ann HILL, died April  12th 1953, aged 68 years.


182 ILMo Charles PAGE, passed  away 20th Nov 1951, aged 56 years

Ada Louisa Page died 17th May 1983, aged 82. Reunited.

7 Sept 1931 15 Oct 1995 Irene Dora Terry a loving wife mum and nan daughter of Ada and Charles Page.


Bench plaque. ILMo Mary WEBB and her grandson Adam.


183. IMo George HOLTON, who died May 5th 1865, aged 50 years.

Also 7 children of George and Louisa Holton; Elizabeth, George, Isabella, Noah, Eleanor, William, George.

Likewise the … Louisa … wife [of George Holton] who departed[Aug 20th 1874] aged [52]


184. ILMo Rose Matilda FITZJOHN, died November 27th 1947, aged 67.

Arthur Charles Fitzjohn, died June 20th 1969, aged 86.


185. ILMo James LAIRD 1869 - 1947.


186. Joan Florence HALLS called suddenly to rest Feb 26th 1945, aged 22 years.


187. No marker


188. ILMo Emily Susan wife of George FLETCHER, who died Nov 20th 1942.

Also her husband George Fletcher, who died April 25th 1954, aged 75 years.


189. My dear husband Henry John PHILLIPS who died Nov 29th 1941 aged 63.

Also his wife E L Phillips who passed away Dec 16 1958 aged 82.


190. Doris Emily Claudia MARKHAM, 1889 - 1941.


191. Helen Marjorie JEFFERD 1905 - 1941


192. …Isabella Hamilton Houston LOVE, 1864 - 1941.


193. No marker


194. In remembrance of … Walter HARVEY, died 2nd May 1949, aged 68 years.

Also his wife Maria died 14th July 1967, aged 80 years. Reunited.

Martha Harvey died 5th Jan 1940, aged 80 years.

And Madeline (Lena) beloved daughter of Walter and Maria, died 8th February 1977, aged 62 years.


195. ILMo Charles Reuben HARVEY who died March 23rd 1897 in his 63rd year .

Also Betsie wife of the above who died Oct 12th 1921, aged 84 years.

also Charles their son who died Oct 3rd 1897 aged 29 years


196. ILMo Elizabeth DUDLEY who died December 9th 1887, aged 70 years.

Also of Harvey Dudley (son of the above) who died October 9… …88, aged 24 years.


197. J130. In affectionate rememberence of John Luke JAMES late of Hilton Hunts, who died July 28th 1866, aged 49 years.

Augusta James late of Houghton, Hunts who died Dec 18th 1869 in the 90th year of her age


198. J131. Here lies … body of Mr hom .. Citizen and m.. Bayford of ..


199. J132. Here lyeth the body of Ann BRAY, late wife of Thomas Bray, who departed this life October the 11 1723, aged 42 years.


200 Here lyeth interred ye body of Mrs Mary DAWSON widow of Thomas Dawson Gent who departed this life ye [4th June] in y yeare of our Lord [1686].


201 M T C. All my hope is in Christ.


202. TTMo Mary Turvey CANN who was a humble, modest, meek, resigned, charitable and devout christian and having thus copied the template of her divine master under the influence of his spirit was not unprepared at his summons but camly breathd her soul into his hands on the 26th day of June 1746 aged 21. Waiting for her compleat happiness till the general resurrection.

Near this place liest the bodies Of Mr Thomas Turvey and Mary Turvey his wife, Also Thomas their son



203. “Through” George William COLE-HAMILTON died May 28th 1946, aged 70 .

Katharine Edith his wife, died Oct 9th 1960, aged 81.


204. J110. STTMo Elizabeth the beloved wife of James William CARLILE of Ponsbourne Park, Herts. who died 14th July 1903, aged 72 years. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered in the heart of man the things which god hath prepared for them that love him. 1 cor 2.9.


205. J111. STTMo Mary the beloved wife of James W CARLILE of Ponsbourne Park died 16 July 1892, aged 62. The master is come and called for thee. S. John 28

ILMo James William Carlile of Ponsbourne died December 5th 1909, aged 86 years. I know that my redeemer live.


206. J112.  ILMo a dear husband father and grandad Henry George MORTIMER 1916 - 1987.

And a dear wife mother and grandmother Alice Hilda Mortimer 1918 - 1995. Forever in our thoughts.


207. Our dear son Nicholas Stephen Laurence WATERS, died 5. 3. 1983. Too dearly loved to be forgotten.


208. STTMo Mrs Ann HICKMAN, wife of Mr James Hickman of Bayford, who died December 30th 1821, aged 71 years.


220 J101. TTMo Mr Joshua NEWMAN late of Bayford Hall, who died 19th May 1852, aged 60 years. Lord who shall dwell on thy holy hill. Him that walkest uprightly and speaketh the truth from his heart.


221. J102. IMo Benjamin NEWMAN who departed this life Oct 26th 1796 aged 3 years. Suffer little children and  forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven


222. J103 TTMo Ann NEWMAN wife of William Newman late of Bayford Hall, who departed this life April 22nd 1831, aged 78 years. Beloved mother farewell, Death …


223. J104 Near this stone lie the remains of William NEWMAN late of Bayford Hall died Aug 6th 1815, aged 74 years.

dear wife and children only gone before. Leave off all evil ways and sin no more, My life is run, my grave you plainly see, Therefore prepare you all to follow me. Mark 13th 33rd . Take ye heed watch and pray, For ye know not when the time is.


224. J105. STTMo Katharine NEWMAN who died Dec 8th 1832, aged 34 years.


225. J106 ILMo Francis FIELD of Jenningsbury and late of Bayford Place Farm who departed this life October 1st 1888, in the 58th  year of his age.


226. J107. ILMo Joseph FIELD late of Bayford Place Farm who died at Jenningsbury, Hertford May 1st 1893, aged 55 years.

Also William Field late of Horsham Sussex brother of the above who died January 23rd 1897, aged 68 years.

JF 1893, WF 1897.


227. J108. ILMo  Sophia FIELD late of Bayford Place Farm who died at Jenningsbury, Hertford Oct 7th 1897, aged 73 years . SF 1897.


228. J109. Footstone only TS 1914.


229. J114 Mr Edward AMBROSE son of William Ambrose … June 22nd 182…


229. J117. Here lieth the interred the body of Ann the wife of Benjamin CLARK, who departed this life the 15th day of March 1750 in the 52nd year of her life. AC 1750.


230. J115. TTMO Mrs Jane AMBROSE wife of Mr William Ambrose resident of this parish 51 years who died November 5th 1827, aged 79 years.

Also William Ambrose who died April  29th 1835, aged 76. JA 1827, WA 1835.


231. J116 STTMo George Henry AMBROSE who departed this life … Jan 1832, aged [36] years.


232. J119 TTMo Mrs Mary PIGGOTT Late of John Street in the Parish of St Pancras, who died on the [13th June 1836], aged 59 years.

Mr Thomas Piggott who died Dec 10th 1840, aged 74 years.


J120. TTMo Sophia dau… of Thomas & Mary PIGGOTT of John Street in the parish of St Pancras, Middlesex, who died May 31 1828, aged 12 years.

William son of the above Thomas & Mary Piggott who departed this life December 31 1828, aged 30 years.

Also near this spot George son of the a bove Thomas and Mary Piggott born March 15 1804, died April 10th 1806.

SP 1828, WP 1828, GP 1806


J121 IIMo the [Hon][3] Charlotte CAMERON widow of the [Rev]3 Alexander Cameron born, June [1805]3 September [8 1882]31882/3.


234. J122 IN … James OAKLEY son of James and Jane OAKLEY who departed this life 22nd Septenber 1823, aged (72) years.


235. J123 STTMo Elizabeth OAKLEY wife of James … of this parish … principle of the faith … who for 22 yrs experienced the worth … appearing perfect health within 6 hours by a sudden awful visitation was summoned to her redeemer in the 43rd year of her age regretted by all around her.


236.  J124 STTMo Mr James OAKLEY who departed this life.

Mrs Jane Oakley wife of the above James OAKLEY, who departed this life the 1st of January 1823, aged 72 years, JO 1813, JO 1823.


J126 STTMo Henry HARRISON, late of Esendon, who departed this life the 30th day of Dec 1853, aged 83 years.


238. J127 Imo Sarah wife of Henry HARRISON who died 17th October 1836 [65] years.


J128 (Sacred) TTMo Henry HARRISON  Sen who departed this life Nov 24th 1819, aged 77 years.


240. J134 John HAXALL late of Essendon who departed this life ye [6th] day of March 1813, aged 23 years.


John HAXALL late of Essendon, who departed this life the 6th day of March 1813 aged 26 years. RFD 1909, SD 1893.


241. J135. …memory Mr Richard COOPER late of Camden who departed this life on the 6th day of March 1811, aged [52] years.

Also Ann Cooper wife of the above who died April 10th 1853 in the 68th year of her age.


242. J136. TTMo PICKMAN who died Sept 30th 1847, aged 66 years.


243. J137 Imo Elizabeth HAYDEN, widow of the late Mr Henry Hayden of Throcking Hall, in this county who dep this life on the 16th day February 1846, aged 87 years.


244. J139 ILMo John ROBERSON who departed … aged 7(4) years.

Emma wife of the above

Also … died 19th Jan 1935 aged 86.

ILMo John George Roberson, born July 11th 1872, died Novembwer 6th 1913.


245. J140 The memory of Mr William WARWICK late of Essendon, who died 22nd of January 1837 in the 79th year of his age.

Also M(rs) Mary Warwick wife of the above who died 2 February 1853, aged 89 years. WW 1837, MW 1853


246. J141 Imo Mr William WARWICK of Bayford House, who departed this life the 30th day of April 1801, aged 73 years.

Also Mrs Dionis WARWICK wife of the above, who departed this life the 17th day of 1801, aged 72 years. WW 1801, DW 1801



248. J144. Mrs Elizabeth CLARK late of Munden who departed this life the third day of May 1813, aged 80 years. EC 1813


252 J168. ILMo Sydney Frank (Peter) ANSELL, 8.3.1920 - 17.5.1984.


253. J169. ILMo Hilda Violet PARKER died 5th December 1982, aged 74 years.

And Claude Herman Parker died 25th September 1983, aged 85 years.


254. J170 A dear husband and father Robin Dennis BELL 1918 - 1982. So greatly missed.


J159 ILM John NICHOLLS, who departed this life 11th day of April 1804, aged 79 years.

Also of Mary Nicholls, wife of the above John Nicholls who died 3 February 1819, aged 89 years.

Also near this place lie six of their children. JN 1804, MN 1819.


J160. STTMo Mary Juliana the beloved daughter of Thomas and Sophia FIELD, who died August 6th 1869, aged 23 years. MJF 1859


J161 STTMo Thomas FIELD late of Bayford Place who died October 7th 1842, aged 45 years.

also of Sophia Elizabeth Field widow of the above of Jenningsbury, Hertford late of Bayford Place who died January 20th 1891, aged 85 years.

GH 1865, EH, IH, EH, GH, NH, WH, GH, LH 1874


260. ILMo Elizabeth Donisthorpe JONES, who passed away 26th December 1969

James William Jones Died 19 November 1978, aged 76 years


261 IMo Mary, wife of Daniel VASS who departed this life March 13 1773 aged 33 years also six of their chiuldren who died infants, MV 1773


262 Here lieth the bodies of Israel MAYO, Esq Elizabeth his wife who died, in his life time and he departed this, life the XI day of February MDCCXV in, the LXXXV year of his life.


263. ILMo My parents Winifred Edith RUSKIN passed away 30.1.2000 aged 85.

Alfred John Ruskin, passed away 4.5.2000, aged 88.



[Here lies the body of Lavinia Roudge Thornton, late wife of Charles Thornton of the parish of this church who died on the Eve of the Epiphany (5 Jan) of Our Lord in the year of Our Lord 1872 on whose soul may God have mercy. Amen][4]




1. Gregory Michael PIERCE died 23rd Dec 1969, aged 2 days.


2. ILMo Percy Stanley DOSSER 24th June 1969, aged 52.


3. IMo Leonard James WILLIAMSON MBE who passed away 23rd March 1969, aged 85 years.


4. Gladys May ROSS died 27th August 1976, aged 52 years.


5. ILMo Robert William MUDD 1914 - 1989.

Also Doris Maud Mudd 1914 - 1992. Loving wife & mother.


6. ILMo Ron MORRIS devoted husband father and grandad 1922 - 1990. Always remembered.


7.  No marker


8. Alice Louise MILTON.


9. ILMo Afred Leslie KEMPSALL died 19th June 1983, aged 63 years …



10. ILMo My parents Irene SWAIN died 20th October 1985.

William George Swain, died 28th July 1986. United.


11. Charles Arthur VALE 19. 2. 1911 - 24. 10. 1992 .

Also Winifred Beatrice Vale 27. 2. 1911 - 17. 9. 1998.


12. ILMo Desmond GIBBS 26. 3. 25 - 15. 1. 93.


13. Phyllis Eileen PALLANT in loving memory a special and dear wife, mum and nan 3.11.1930 - 9.12.1986. Always in our thoughts sadly missed till me meet again.


14. John TRENDLER loving husband and father, died 1996 always remembered.



Church monuments


Nave, south side, from west end



To the glory of god and the memory of Benjamin CHERRY, born March 28th 1809 died March 10th 1874. This window is dedicated by his widow, CCC



To the glory of God and IMo Lieut Col HASTINGS CB District Judge of Peshawur died December 2 1884, aged 42.



In memoriam KFC obiit die 25 Aprilis 1871.


North side, from west end


Giving thanks to god for the beloved memory of William CLINTON BAKER of Bayfordbury, who died 7 July 1903, aged 63. His children dedicated this window, AD 1904



In honour of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ and ILMo William Robert BAKER & Anna Emma Katherine, his wife this window is dedicated by their son, daughter in law and grand-children. Epiphany 1901.




[In pious memory of Charles Thornton and Lavinia Roudge Thornton his wife on whose souls may God have mercy.][5]


Tablets, south side, from west end


To the glory of God and ILMo William CLINTON BAKER born 26 September 1839, died 7 July 1903.

Also Edith MildMay Clinton Baker born 5th September 1841, died 19 December 1922. This tablet is placed by their children.



ILMo Charles Roger BARCLAY 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Battalion 5th Fusilers Mounted Infantry only son of Charles & Charlotte Cassandra Barclay, born Jan 9 1878, killed in action ap 3 1900, near Reddersburg, S Africa.



Sit gloria Deo. In devout memory of William Robert BAKER b. Oct 8 1810, d. Nov 29 1896 the Squire of Bayfordbury for 72 years his grandchildren placed this tablet a loyal son of the holy church, he built this house of god and dedicated it on April 18th 1871 to Saint Mary the Virgin a lover of nature and of home. He dwelt among his people. Beneticite universa germinantia in terra domino.


War memorials



Near this church and hallowed ground is placed a cross of stone in grateful and devout rememberence of the brave men from the parishes of Bayford and Brickendon Rural who in the great war of 1914 - 1919 gave their lives for King and country and saved our peaceful homes from cruel invasion. They returned not to us but their names are inscribed to be honoured for evermore.

Adsett Henry, Corpl K R Rif C

Allen, Aubrey, Pnr Sergt C Gds

Allum, Joseph, Pte Bedf R

Catling, Charles O, Lce Corpl Bedf R

Childs, Christopher, Pte Dll

Childs, Frederick, Pte Tank C

Clinton-Baker, Osbert, Lt Col R Ir Rif

Fenn, James, Pte Bedf R

Fletcher, James, Lce Corpl Essex R

Green, Alexander, Trooper, Scots Greys

Gutteridge, Herbert, J Boy Rn

Livingstone, Frank D, Capt Rasc

Mackintosh, Edwin, Lt Black Watch

Meech, Benjamin, Pte Bedf R

Meech, Charles, Lce Corpl S Wales Bord

Newman, George, Lce Corpl 9th Leers

Oakley, Albert C, Pte Bedf R

Preece, Henry G, Pte Devon R

Rogers, Charles J, Gnr Ra

Saville, Thomas, Pte  Bedf R

Scripps, Frederick, Pte Rasc

Sedge, Harry, Pte Dorset R

Smith, Hubert, Pte Bedf R

Swain, George, Pte Can Cyclist Corps

Tharby, James W Pte Bedf R

Trotter, Colin L, Lt Kar

Trotter, Kenneth S, 2nd Lt Rif Brig

Vidal, Lancelot A, 2nd Lt Oxf & Bucks Li

Warwick, Arthur, Pte G Gds


Let those who come after see to it that their names are not forgotten




In grateful rememberance of the men from this parish who gave their lives during the war of 1939 - 1945

Denys Hugh Brown, Ac2 Royal Air Force

Robert Michael Drake, Lt Grenadier Guards

George John Fry, Sergt Royal Artillery

William George Taylor, Pte Sherwood Foresters



ILMo John TROTTER of Brickendon Grange son of Captain John Trotter of Dyrham Park, b April 8 1854, d April 25th 1913.

Also of Kenneth Stuart Trotter 2nd Lieutenant 6th Bn the Rifle Brigade, their youngest son, killed in action near Ypres April 27th 1915, aged 22 .

And of Colin Liddell Trotter, Lieutenant 2nd Batt King’s African Rifles their second son, died on active service at Mingoyo, East Africa 22nd January 1918 aged 28.


In cruce spes mea. Robert Wellington VIDAL, Priest, b Feb 19 1843 d. Nov 11 1911 Vicar of Bayford 1881 - 1901.

Baker chapel


            mb1 (over door)


Mb2     |

Mb3     |


Mb4 (upper) mb5(lower)


Baker, plaque mb1

To the memory of William, eldest son of William and Sophia BAKER as a record of the many excellencies and accomplishments lost to his family and to the world by a lamented, early and almost sudden death “father! Not as we will but as thou wilt”. Born March 11th 1778, he died August 29th 1813 as was interred beneath, in the same vault with Edward, his second son, by Ester, his surviving wife, who died October 18th 1811 aged only two days.

Here also at different intervals of renewed trial have been deposited the remains of three other children of William and Sophia Baker George Finch, born 13 November 1782, who died 22 February 1783, Caroline Julia, born 22 April 1790, who died 17 May 1796 John Thomas, born 8th May 1799, who died 14th May 1800 “Suffer them to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven”.



To the memory of William BAKER Esqr who having come to four score years died 20th January 1824 with hope full of immortality and was interred in the vault beneath the grateful affection of his widow inscribes this tablet in public and in private life he was alike enabled to adorn the doctrine of God his saviour.

And will no less be remembered as the true patriot, the vigilant magistrate and the faithful representative of his county in four parliaments then in the retirement of his latter age passed wholly on his estate at Bayfordbury in this parish where the friend, the tenet, and the servant had equal reason to revere and love him and where he laboured to train up his family in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Leaving at his death nine children, the survivors of sixteen, to exemplify through grace the  principles he taught them and to follow by faiuth his path towards that rest which remaineth for the people of god.

Sophia Baker third daughter of John Conyers Esqr and Lady Harriet Conyers of Copt Hall, Essex the widow of the above named William Baker Esqr and interred in this same vault beneath; died 6 December 1847 in the 80th year of her age. “having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ”. 1 phil 1.23.


Plaque mb3

Henrietta Juliana the wife of Robert Henry JENKINSON, Eqsre(sic) and second daughter of William and Sophia  Baker; died 19 April 1847, aged 62 years, and was buried in the vault beneath. Blessed with a superior understanding and with many talents which she never ceased to cultivate and improve gentle, modest and unpretending in her manners with a truly kind and unselfish disposition. She inspired her parents and all around her during her early life with the greatest confidence and affection. After her marriage through a period of 24 years, her domestic virtues., Her well stored mind and the unwearied patience and resignation. With which she endured severe and long continued suffering, endeared her more and more to a husband, who in testimony of his gratitude and affection, has raised this tablet to her memory. “Be not slothful, but followers of these who through faith and patience inherit the promises”. Heb vi. 12.


Plaque mb4

Hic jacet Johannes MAYO armiger et civis Londinensis, Margaretae Laurentiae prius defunctae maritus qui obiit Maii memsis die 29 anno domini 1675 aetatis suae 83

[Here lies John Mayo Esquire and citizen of London Margaret Lawrence who died before her husband, who died on the 29th day of the month of May in the year of Our Lord 1675, in his 83 year]


Plaque mb5

STTMo Charlotte Amelia BAKER daughter of William Baker Esqr of Bayfordbury

And of Sophia, his wife, who died January 16th 1836, aged fifty years in her life. She was eminently distinguished by the desire of devoting her time and talents to works of benevolence and filial duty; and yet, in her death, this was her humble cry, “a broken and contrite heart o god! Thou wilt not despise”.


Hic iacet Georgius KNIGHTON miles obiit duodecimo die Nouembris 1612 aetatis suae septuaginta sex.

[Here lies George Knighton, knight who died 12 day of November 1612 in the 76 year of his age.]



East wall 3 tablets



This marble is erected to the memory of Anna & Harriet CARTER, daughters of Thomas Richard Carter & Anna Tobina his wife. The former died at Bristol November 30th 1794 aged 29 and is buried in St Justin’s Church in that city - the latter died at Exmouth in Devonshire, June 8th 1798, aged 30 and is buried in Whittycombe church in that county.



Near this place lie the remains of Mrs Anna Tobina CARTER who was married June 7th 1759.

And having discharged all the relative duties of life, with an exemplary conduct to the real grief of an afflicted family, died Nov 12 1783, aged 46.



Near this place are deposited the remains of Thomas Richard CARTER Esqr of this parish  Who having witnessed the loss of an affectionate wife and an amiable daughter (which last is buried in  Saint Austin’s church, Bristol) by his virtuous example of patience and submission under these misfortunes, afforded the truest consolation to the rest of his children, and taiught them of the tenderest and most indulgent of parents. He died 14th May 1795.


W wall above window

TTMo Israel WOOLLASTON and Sarah his wife. He was only son of Jonathan Woollaston, Esqr, by Rebecca his wife, who was daughter of Israel Mayo, late of  Bayford Place, Esqr, who died the 20th  of March in the year of Our Lord 1765 and is interred beneath this window. Also near this grave lies Martha who died a child and was daughter to Israel Woollaston by Sarah his wife, who died the 1st day Feb 1806 aged 98 years.

His death was easy he was sensible to the last & seem’d quite composed, a few hours before his death use’d these words; ’the eternal path is hard to tread’. Ask’d several times when it would be six o’clock and expired a few minutes after that hour.


N wall

Parish of Bayford. Edward JONES of Birchanger Place in the parish of Birchanger in the county of Essex, Esquire, who died the 18 November 1850 by his will dated the 18th June 1840 directed a sum of £500 to be invested in three per cent consolidated annuities in the names of the churchwardens and overseers for the time being of this parish and the dividends thereof to be accounted for and equally divided trienially (after such expenditure as might be needed for keeping in repair the vault built  by his late father in this church yard) among all male laborers (sic) of this parish, being housekeepers and above the age of 25 years, who should not at any time have received parochial relief from the said parish, such first triennial division to me made on the 24th day of December 1853. An extract from the said will, containing the above bequest in full is deposited in the vestry of this church.

[1] Gerish

[2] deceased’s son, met in graveyard.

[3] Gerish




[4] Translated by MEW

[5] translated by MEW