Rumball's Hump

2005 06 24; The 'Stop Notice' ran out at the end of May. Over the bank holiday the groundwork was completed. The owner says (according to EHDC) he has employed employed an agent to act on his behalf in planning matters and advise him of what is allowed to do! The wall/gateway was not approved and retrospective planning permission will have to be sought for the brick piers. It appears that EHDC are now treating the site as any other residential site. Thus the Inspector's comments about planting native trees as a hedge, have no baring on the erection of the brick gateway. It was clearly the inspector's wish that the site should not be so transformed. I was told the Inspector made no comment banning the building of such a gateway.

HDC have served a TPO on the remaining trees. They also put a stop notice on the ground works after the hump (Presumably Rumballís) had been removed. This expires at the end of May when a proposal/plan to regrade or replant the damaged area should have been submitted to EHDC.

East Herts have decided not to enforce the conditions which the Inspector attached to the granting of permission on the site! The following is an excellent letter from Cllr Tim Robinson to Alison Young, and the disappointing reply
27 January 2005

In a conversation today with Alison Young, Enforcement Officier at East Herts District Council, it was stated that after the current stay of execution which expires in March 2005, that one mobile home and one touring would be allowed to remain on the site. I was very surprised by this; and asked her why the council were allowing anyone to stay on the lower half, as the Inspector stated that if they did not compile with the conditions that they would lose all permission. She told me they had had legal advice and been told that as the Inspector had deemed the site suitable for one mobile + 1 touring, on appeal he would allow this again. So they would not proceed.