Bayford Parish Council - Minutes of Parish Assembly

Finance. This has again been a diffricult year for the Parish Council. As reported last year there have been condsiderable extra expense for tree surgery. This is required since it is no longer acceptable for members of the council to cut down large trees on a Sunday morning.

The Village Hall VAT continues to cause problems. The C&E have reassessed the position of the Village Hall and it now seems that they will be unable to reclain VAT via the PC.

Planning. County Livery continues to occupy our time. They continue to make applications, several more this year, some of which have been retrospective. They have recently driven two pipelines/cables across Parish land without permission.

Rumball's Hump. EHDC informed me that they are unwilling to enforce the terms of the inspector's report, which stated that the applicants would lose all permissions if they did comply with the given conditions before Aug 2004.

Nine Acre Field opposite Mrs Cook's house/Riverside Garden Centre. The group looking to buy the property from the gypsy who lives at Holwell site, appears to have fallen apart. The owner of the large field against the railway may still buy the field.

The Southern Bypass - has raised its head once again.


Bunkers Pit. Brian Owen informs me that although the decision of Bunkers (importing waste from outside with a quid pro quo of reducing the working period) has not been determined, he has decided that the period will probably be 10 years and they will be allowed to import waste.

The Inquiry into whether the area behind Broad Green/Bayford Hall should be added to the draft mineral plan, has not been determined. (Brian Owen). A decision could be available at the end of May.

Playground. The playground will receive its annual maintenace on 20th March 10am.

The Parish Council's plan to relocate the Playground from its present position next to the vicarage to Bayford Green, the open area just beyond Bayford Manor, has been abandoned following advise from the solicitors who drew up the original transfer (Moon Beaver), that in view of there being a stroong disagreement from an owner of property adjoining the Green, and that a playground could constitute 'an edifice', it would be unwise to proceed.

Memers of the Public raised the following matters

Rumball's Hump. Could we determine the rateable value?

Cllr Timothy Robertson, raised the matter of an application for the (existing) infants class.

Car parking outside the School. George is looking into this with his Governors' hat on.

Bus shelter. Requires some cleaning and the seat needs repainting.

David latham thanked the Council on behalf of the village for their work throughout the year.

There being no further points, the Chairman thanked the members of the Council for much hard work, both physical and mental, and also the members of the public (12) who attended.