Bayford JMI School 19th November 2012

Parish Council Meeting

Present: Michael Wainwright (Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jane Honeyman, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer, (Clerk), Linda Haysey and 3 members of the public.
  1. Apologies
    1. None
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Minutes of the previous meeting were read, signed and agreed by all the councillors. Noted
  3. Matters Arising
    1. Item 3:1 Peter Musk has yet to pollard the trees round the pond at Willow Corner but has felled the ash tree in the playground. Noted
    2. 3.2 Item 6:1 should read Peter Jessop and not Burton. GWR said that he had thought it was a good idea that the council were looking at the parking problem by the school not that the proposed yellow lines were a good idea. Noted
    3. Item 3:3 rail replacement buses are continuing to use Bayford Lane, David Sitwell has rung Neal Lawson several times now but has as yet to have his call returned. He will keep trying. Noted
    4. Item 6:7 the closure of Ashendene Road hasn’t taken place to date. No dates for the work/closure of Bayford Lane, MB is pursuing this. Noted/MB
  4. Planning

    1. Removal of Section 106 at Burrowfield, Lower Hatfield Road, Bayford – status ongoing.
      2 storey front extension and alterations to The Directors House, Bayfordbury, Bayford – permission refused.
      Demolition of existing dwellings and erection of replacement pair of semi - detached dwellings for agricultural workers, 1 and 2 Penny Royal, Bayford – permission granted.
      New Entrance Gates and improvements to hedges, Bayfordbury Mansion – permission granted. Noted
  5. Finance
    1. Payments since 17.09.12
      BDO Audit x 2 cheques (full amount) 17.10.12 £180.00
      John O’Connor September 17.10.12 £138.16
      Peter Musk 30.10.12 £720.00
    2. Payments received :-
      Precept 28.09.12 £2050.00
    3. Balances.
      At 29.10.12 Current account balance is £10,097.26
      At 28.09.12 Charity account balance is £2777.07
      At 26.10.12 Business Saver Account balance is £828.72 Noted
    4. The precept payment needs to be set for the financial year commencing 1st April 2013, it was decided in view of the current balances in the accounts to not increase the amount but to leave it at £4100.00. Noted/MB
  6. Any Other Business
    1. Beryl Matthews of the Friendly Club has e-mailed MW asking for a donation of £50.00 to help pay for either presents or drinks at the Christmas meal for local residents. It was agreed by all councillors to pay this amount and also in the future to give a donation towards an outing. Noted/MB
    2. It has been reported to one of the councillors that there appears to be a new access track created onto the bottom end of Bayford Lane from the fields. AF to speak to Robert Sheriff who owns the field. Noted/AF
    3. Mrs Dosser a resident of Ashendene Road has written to MW re parking on the grass verge when there are events on in the village hall. Colin Taylor chairman of the village hall committee has asked event organisers to ensure that parking is primarily in the hall car park or sensibly on the road. CT to speak to Gwen asking her to advise future hirers of the problem and also he will meet with Mrs Dosser. Noted
    4. CT currently non executive chairman of Pre-school / chairman of village hall committee has asked for a donation of £500.00 to help pay the pre school fees. The councillors all voted unanimously to give the donation. The late Cyril Judge in his will left money to the village hall. The flat roof of the front porch has flooded badly and damaged pre school equipment. It has been suggested to replace the flat roof with a low pitched roof and funding is possibly available for this.The councillors all thought this was a good idea and CT will approach EHDC planning dept. Pre school has raised the £2000.00 needed for rails by the main side exit from the hall. Bill Brace asked what celebration there maybe to mark the centenary of the village hall in 2013 CT replied that a luncheon and race night are currently being proposed. Noted/MB
    5. JH was approached by Mr and Mrs Callaby re the ongoing flooding of the village pond down Well Row. AF and MW have in the past unblock the drain but with all the falling leaves it is probably reblocked. AF offered to attend to the problem.Joyce Mentern commented that there is grass growing out of some of the drains. There also appears to be diesel coming from the drains in Well Row/alongside the field. JH to contact the Environmental Agency. AF asked if the drains had been unblocked in Bayford Lane – MW to look into this. Noted/JH/MW
    6. GWR suggested a project for spring/next year to open up the Willow Corner pond on the village side and dredge it as this has not been done since 1976. Pollarding will help but whether this will be necessary if the pond is redesigned. GWR to sketch a design and MW to put details in the next parish magazine. Noted/GWR/MW
    7. BB asked about the ‘Rights of Way Improvement Plan’- no other plans at present. Noted
    8. BB asked if the black wheelie bin by the bus shelter could be removed – AF to do this. AF
    9. MB then read out the following correspondence:-
      Hertfordshire Waste Development Framework – letter and CD received. Given to GWR.
      Herts draft LTP3 Inter-Urban Route Study has started and comments to be made by 30.11.12- not applicable to Bayford
      Community Car Scheme – our support, to utilise local knowledge and contacts to promote the scheme is required – the church is implementing this..
      New changes within Herts Highways – to report highway defect problems – on website as before or Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4047.
      Herts Building Preservation Trust – Annual report received.
      EHDC District Planning Bulletin – received.
      Boundary changes re local MP announced in local paper – Bayford proposed to be under Welwyn and Hatfield. Noted
  7. Date and Time of Next Meeting
    1. Next meeting is on Monday 21st January 2012 at 8.00pm
    2. There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.30pm.