Parish Council Meeting

Bayford JMI School, Parish Assembly, 23rd November 2009

Present: Michael Wainwright (Chairman),Bob Orme, Jackie Fulcher, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer (Clerk), Linda Haysey + 2 members of the public

Absent: A.Fitzjohn
1.0Minutes of the previous meeting 
  Read, all agreed and signed Noted
2.0Matters Arising 
2.1 Thanks to Bill Brace for emptying the bus shelter bin and for painting the benches, this is all finished for now until the spring. Noted
2.2 MW still researching a replacement litter bin to be installed by the bus stop. County Supplies stock them in their catalogue but an account is needed. JF to talk to Gwen Gibbs of the hall committee as they have an account with C.S.. Noted
2.3 Bayford Village Sign – Money has now been received via the ‘Locality Budget’ of £500.00 .MW has received several quotes. The quote from Robert Eyley for £162.00 + £14.00p&p was agreed by all. Noted
2.4 MW stated that Paul Curson is going to be our new litter picker and he is awaiting the relevant paperwork from EHDC. Noted
6.1 Following the playground inspection MW spoke to Mr Waldock re the recommendations and the step spacing is now 89cms but it was decided that this is not essential for our equipment. There is to be a site visit to decide which branches need cutting down from the oak tree.
6.1 MW thought the ‘kissing gates’ were ok. Noted
3.0 Planning. 
Current Planning Applications :-
Bucks Farm – Stopping up of highway – Status ongoing
Calves Grove, White Stubbs Lane – Use of land for 7 permanent and 5 mobile containers + 2 caravans – 6 months to secure the cessation of the residential use of the land and the removal of the unauthorised caravans
Bayford Hall Cottage, 37 Bayford Lane – Demolition of garage and canopy to be replaced with single storey extension and new garage – Appeal refused.
33 Ashendene Road – New front porch – Permission granted
Riverside Garden Centre – Replacement garden centre, retail and restaurant building, and new sewage treatment plant – Permission granted
Mulberry Lodge – Conversion of existing B & B accommodation to a single dwelling with new porch and chimney – Permission refused
58 Bayford Green – Single storey side extension – Status ongoing
The Vicarage – Construction of tennis court with fencing and change of use of existing paddock – Status ongoing.
Tudor Manor, White Stubbs lane – Create groom’s living accommodation in roof space of existing stables and erect 4 No. new loose boxes, hay store and tack room – Status ongoing.
3.2 L.H stated that technically Riverside Garden Centre does not have planning permission. The Environment Agency is not happy with the ‘New Flood Risk’, the time scale on a decision being made is not known. Noted
4.0 Finance. 
The interim accounts were read out and presented to the councillors.
Community Account - £5571
Business Premium Account - £2,773
Business Reserve Account - £827
4,2 It was noted the variation in the total amount paid for grass cutting in 2008 and 2009, this is to be looked into. Noted
4.3 It was decided that the precept payment would remain unchanged for a second year running. The amount agreed was £4100.00. The form was filled in and signed at the meeting and will be duly returned to EHDC. Noted
4.4 MW has spoken to Robert Wilson Stephens re the Charity Account – he can’t remember how it was set up. The councillors have decided that it needs to be closed, MW to consult the Charity Commission on how to proceed with this. Noted
5.0 Any Other Business. 
5.1 MW has filled in a ‘Sports Audit’ form sent out by EHDC. The contents of which were agreed by all the councillors. MW
5.2 There was a recent incident in the entrance to the school with a pupil nearly being hit by a car leaving the drive. A meeting was subsequently held at the school and one of the suggestions was for parents to use the pub car park (this had been previously offered by the then publicans) - GWR raised the point as to whether the brewery had given permission for this to be used and to walk there entails crossing a much busier road. LH suggested there may be possible funds for a ‘lollipop person’ and also EHDC had given £1000 for a ‘walking bus’ to take place to the pub car park. A representative from Hertfordshire Highways stated that it would cost £5000.00 to get yellow no parking lines painted and would take a minimum of 15 months for this to be actioned. It was decided there was no simple solution. Noted
5.3 It was noted the proposed merger of East & North and West Herts PCT. Noted
5.4 The SLAA Call for Sites document was received recently outlining the possible proposed future use for residential development of the land at Ashendene Road and also plans for Water Hall Quarry Complex into a gypsy and traveller community. LH to look into this and speak to the representative at EHDC - John Careford. Noted
5.5 The meeting was informed by MW of a possible 850 acre wood called ‘Heartwood Forest being created near Sandridge St Albans. Noted
5.6 There is a Local Access Forum taking place at the University of Hertfordshire on the 3rd December. Noted
5.7 The designation of a footpath at Bayfordbury is ongoing Noted
5.8 BT have written to the council asking if we would like to purchase the 2 red phone boxes once they remove the phones in the new year at a cost to us of £1.00 each. LH stated that it was not that easy and there was more expense involved. LH has offered to contact Tewin council as they have already proceeded with buying theirs. Noted
5.9 Following the recent ‘Planning Information Sessions’ for town and parish councils the presentations have been forwarded to us for our information. Noted
5.10 ‘Safer East Herts ‘ newsletters have been received for our information. Noted
5.11 MB has downloaded from the internet a ‘War Memorial Condition Survey’ form with the possibility of a grant towards repair of the Bayford Memorial from the War Memorials Trust. MW to fill this in. Noted
5.12 Herts Building Preservation Trust annual report received Noted
5.13 A document highlighting ‘Transport Services for Disabled, Older People’ has been received. Noted
5.14 MB had again recently complained to First Capital Connect as the bus replacement service was using Bayford Lane and not Brickendon Lane. This was supposed to be rectified. Noted
5.15 The painting of yellow lines at Bayford Station is still ongoing, MB awaiting an update. Shortage of money appears to be the problem. Noted
5.16 The weight restriction sign at the bottom of Bayford Lane was down but due to several complaints to EHDC this has now been reinstated. Noted
6.0 Date and Time of Next Meeting. 
6.1 Next meeting is to be on Monday 25th January 2010 at 8.00pm at Bayford JMI School. Noted
6.2 There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.45pm Noted