Parish Council Meeting

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting, 1b Broad Green Wood, 8:00pm 18th May 2009

Present: Michael Wainwright(Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jackie Fulcher, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer(Clerk)

Absent: Linda Halsey,
1.0 Apologies for Absence.  
1.1 None received  
2.0 Finance – review of the audit report from David Latham.  
2.1 In David Latham’s written report he stated “ he had signed off the income and expenditure accounts and checked the bank reconciliation which is entirely correct. I have also read the Risk Assessments under the various headings, these seem well considered and realistic.”.
2.2 The asset value for the cricket pavilion and the memorial hall is as yet unknown – further investigation to follow. Proof of current insurance needed for both.  
2.3 It was thought the cricket pavilion was built in 1999. The cost of building is to be looked up in the minute book. MB to investigate.  
2.4 The ownership of the war memorial is not confirmed. MW to talk to DL for further information.  
2.5 Item 3 on the form – total other receipts – Donations - £750.00 from Bayford Gardens Day, £200.00 from Mr and Mrs Wilson, £300.00 from Cricket Club for road repairs.  
2.6 Box 6. £6,860 vs £4,551. Total payments this year was much reduced on last year due to:a. A lower expenditure on grass cutting this year. (£2,889 vs £1,069). Last year's figure was inflated by late payments on the previous year and the use of a more expensive contractor. b. b. VAT payments to the Memorial Hall were much greater in the previous year (£1,529 vs £604) due to building maintenance work. c. Accountancy fees for 2008 included previous years.  
2.7 Box 9. Fixed asset values, (£6778 vs £8477). Following the review of the Asset Register carried out this year, several additional assets were added to the register and also assets were revalued.  
2.8 Annual Governance Statement was approved and signed.  
3.0 AOB.  
3.1 No further business.  
3.2 The next meeting will take place on the 29thJune 2009.