Bayford Parish Council.

Annual Meeting, Bayford JMI School, 8:00pm 11th May 2009

Present: Michael Wainwright(Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jackie Fulcher, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer(Clerk)

Absent: Linda Halsey,
1.0 Apologies for Absence. None received
2.0 Report on previous PC year.  
2.1 Report.  
3.0 Election of Chairman.  
2.2 MW announced that he was willing to be re-elected for the following year. AF proposed, JF seconded. MW elected.  
4.0 Minutes of the previous meeting, 9th March 2009..  
4.1 The minutes were read, agreed as correct and signed.  
5.0 Matters arising.  
5.1 It was discussed that Robert Wilson Stephens is the only trustee of the charity. It was decided to appoint an additional person shortly.  
6.0 Finance.  
6.1 The yearly finance report was handed out to all councillors. The total amount of donations (1280) received was questioned. 750 came from the Gardens Open Day. MB toi report back at the next meeting.  
6.2 Litter picking is yet to be sorted. MW to approach Robert Mudd to see if he is still willing to take on the job.  
3.0 AOB.  
3.1   No further business.
3.2   The next meeting will take place on the 29thJune 2009.