Parish Council Meeting

Bayford JMI School, Parish Assembly, 7th July 2008

Present: Michael Wainwright(Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jackie Fulcher, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer (Clerk),  Karen Broad (PCSO) + 7 members of the public

Absent: Linda Halsey
1.0 Approval of Minutes  
1.1 The minutes of the previous parish council meeting held on 21st April 2008 were confirmed as read.
2.0 Matters Arising
AF has discussed the repairs to the broken rail on Footpath No.1 with Robert Sherriff (item 7.14). Letter has been sent to the council.
All other actions arising from the previous minutes have been discharged or are covered under the remaining agenda.
Bayford Gardens Open Day

3.1 The 20th Anniversary event had been a great success with £26,715 being the net proceeds raised for 'good causes'. The Parish Council was one of the Charities that have benefited from the proceeds and a cheque for £750.00 has already been received. A letter of thanks has been sent on behalf of the councillors Noted
Further comments from the day were as follows: -
JF commented that prices of refreshments should be consistent throughout the village. David Sitwell had conducted a survey of about 100 people, the results of which are to be forwarded to MW. Terry Hayne suggested that the distance of walks should be written on the tickets.
The councillors requested a breakdown of the various donations from the profits.
4.0 Finance & Admin  
4.1 Account Balances: -
Community Account  - at 30th May - £2,571.99
Business Premium Account: - at 30th June - £2,761.19
Business Reserve Account: - at 1st June - £817.13
4.2 The annual accounts for year ended 31st March 2008 had been prepared and internally audited by David Latham. David Latham had also prepared and signed the annual internal audit report. He reported that there were no issues or clarifications required related to the accounts as submitted. Noted
4.3 As part of the review and internal audit, David Latham had noted the point raised under the previous external audit, that the figure inserted in Box 3 was incorrect in that it did not allow for interest received in the sum of £47.00. He confirmed that this had been corrected on the latest statement of accounts under Section 1.
The councillors accepted the accounts and the internal auditors report as submitted. The Chairman duly signed them.
The councillors agreed to the Annual Governance Statement as prepared for the Annual Return, which was duly signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.
The councillors agreed that the risk assessment and management document prepared and adopted for the year ended 31st March 2008 would be suitable for the current year and that the risks should continue to be managed in accordance with the schedule.
MW confirmed that the current auditors, BDO Stoy Haywood, had agreed to a revised date of 25th July for the submission of the Annual Report, due to the date of the Parish Council meeting being after the original date for submission namely, 27th June. He also stated that he had spoken to Louise Nyland of BDO, who had confirmed that the revised dates for the notice display and viewing dates were correct.

5.0 Correspondence  
5.1 Affordable Housing - The extensive reports from the EHDC were received and available for the councillors to read. Noted
Letter received from the Hertfordshire Preservation Trust asking for renewal of our subscription of £20.00 - this was agreed
Letter from EHDC re Annual Playground Inspection with our consent to take place during the second week of July. MB has confirmed this by fax on the 18th June.
Letter from EHDC confirming Litter Picking payments for the forthcoming year to be £585.19 for which a cheque will shortly be received.
6.0 Planning  
6.1 MB read out an up to date list of status of current planning applications which are as follows:-
Stables Block, River Lodge, Lower Hatfield Road - Permission refused.
Single storey rear extension and 2 storey side extension without balcony at 6c Broad Green Wood - Permission refused
Dwelling for farm manager at Buck's Farm - Permission granted
Single storey pitched roof garage at 26 Ashendene Road - Listed building consent not needed, planning granted.
Conversion of coach house into 3 bed residential annexe for Bayford Grange - Permission refused.
Side and rear extension at 22/24 Well Row - Application withdrawn
Demolition and replacement garage at New Pond House, Ashendene Road - Permission granted
Mobile Home for 3 years at Ashendene Stud - Permission refused
6.2 1a Broad Green Wood - MW reported that the colour of the bricks is not a good match to the existing. MB to write a letter to the planning dept. at EHDC MB
6.3 1c Broad Green Wood - access for Dr. Alan Wilson who proposes a driveway access across his land at the back to emerge opposite the telephone box at Broad Green for his large mobile caravan. The councillors expressed concerns over change and frequency of use and that if permission is granted a legal document must be drawn up to protect for the future. MW confirmed that he had already consulted a solicitor on the matter. MW
10 Broad Green - it has been noticed on the original plans, that the 1st floor would be timber clad and this is not evident. Katie Nielsen of this address responded by saying that at present it is rendered and a decision has yet to be reached whether timber cladding will be added. If it isn't they will re-apply to the planning dept. at EHDC.
The Stables (Rumbolds Hump) - planning application for a total of 5 permanent mobile homes and 2 caravans have been received. At the meeting views were wide ranging, MW to prepare a synopsis of views and write to planning dept. of EHDC.
Bayford Grange - David Sitwell queried why a permanent link was required by the councillors for this planning application. MW explained that one of the reasons was that this would stop a sale happening of 2 separate houses.
7.0 Playground   Noted
7.1 Fencing - Dean Chiltern has requested 2m high fencing and after MW spoke to Mr Waldock at EHDC he recommended a company in Much Hadham that may be able to help.  AF to follow this up. AF
7.2 Maintenance - Grass cutting and strimming is now done regularly. Sue Darlow raised the problem about the nettles reoccurring - MW to look into this Noted
Grass Cutting Noted
The earlier problems appear to have now been resolved with the correct areas being cut at more regular intervals. In response to various villagers' comments about the cut grass not being collected, MW responded by saying that this had never taken place previously. John O'Connor now cuts the war memorial in addition to the original areas and the overall cost appears to be approx. 50% less than previous years. Noted
Any Other Busines Noted
It was reported that there had been various acts of vandalism at the cricket ground and the clubhouse - nets had been swung on and the hands had been removed from the clock. Noted
MW asked if there was any update on the cricket club response to funding the resurfacing of the road to the club. MB replied that all details had now been passed on to the cricket club secretary (back from his holiday) and because they only had committee meeting every 2 months this was the reason for the delay. Katie Nielsen asked if the toddler group could use the cricket clubhouse as previously it had been declined. MW gave approval for use of the car park and ground - avoiding the centre squares, but she would have to speak to the club for permission to use the clubhouse. Noted
David Sitwell asked if there were future plans for the use of the football pitch. MW replied that the intention was to encourage the villagers to use it more often. Noted
9.4 Karen Broad, the PCSO, informed the meeting that they were currently carrying out a survey of speed and the number of vehicles using the village roads. It was queried if it would be possible to extend the 30mph signs to the extremities of the village i.e. - Broad Green. This may only be possible by writing to the Road Safety / Highways depts. of  EHDC putting strong reasons in favour of this proposal. MB to write on behalf of the council. It was also reported that one of the residents in Ashendene Road is now parking their car in the road to make cars slow down. Noted
JF reported that there was a tree trunk down in the road at the lower end of Bayford Lane and at the end of Ashendene Road. AF to investigate AF
JF asked for a donation from the parish council to the village hall appeal. £250.00 was agreed. MB
JF informed that meeting that one of the villagers, Mrs Burgess, will be a 100 years old in October and as she has lived all her life in Bayford it is planned to hold a surprise party for her at lunchtime. A donation to help fund the event was approved but the sum is yet to be agreed.

GWR reported that plans for Water Hall Quarry were currently going to appeal.
Bill Brace reported that a stile by the cricket ground on footpath No. 2 is leaning. AF to investigate. AF
Date of Next Meeting  
10.1 The date of the next regular meeting is to be Monday 6th October 2008 held at Bayford JMI School at 8.00pm
Dates of Future Meetings are as follows :-
24th November 2008 at 8.00pm
26th January 2009 at 8.00pm
6th April 2009 at 7.45pm - Parish Assembly
27th April 2009 at 8.00pm - Annual Meeting
10.2 There being no further business the meeting was closed at 10.00pm. Noted