Bayford JMI School 26th November 2007

Parish Council Meeting

Michael Wainwright (Chairman)
Alan Fitzjohn,
Bob Orme,
Jackie Fulcher,
George William Rowley,
Maggie Broomer (Clerk)
plus members of the public, incl: David & Liz Sitwell, Carol & Les Swain, Nigel Grint, Claudio Sarno, Peter Jessop (Headmaster), Rachel Collinson (teacher), Karen Broad (PCSO), John & Angela Brocklehurst, Joyce Mentern, Margaret Grocock, Terry Hayne, Bill Bryce, Andrea Trendler, Dean Chiltern, Robert & Sue Wilson Stephens
Linda Halsey (EHDC)

1.0Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes were confirmed as read but with the following exceptions:
1.1 Item 6.3 - should read accounts were . 'not subject to public scrutiny before being sent to them'. Noted
1.2 Item 8.7 - footpath is looked after by the land owner and not the 'rights of way' Noted
2.0 Planning - Gypsy Camp
2.1 MW opened by stating that due to EHDC's lack of gypsy sites, they have been asked by the government and the EERA (disbanding next year) to provide possible areas for 10 sites. A meeting was held at David Sitwell's (DS) house with Mike Carver executive on the EHDC in attendance. Mike Carver stressed that the proposed site of Bayford was unlikely to be selected because resources were poor and the land was designated as 'Green Belt'. The decision is likely to be made sometime between 2012 and 2015, although Bayford could remain on the 'possible' list for some time after that. The parishioners of Bayford have formed an action group chaired by DS with Nigel Grint as vice chairman. DS stated that the land area was 25 acres and had 6 owners. The recent disclosure in the Hertfordshire Mercury was ill advised, as the initial report was for internal purposes only. In 2011 the government is reviewing the 'green belt' policy. It was stressed at this point that the village were not against gypsy communities. Noted
2.2 The aims of the action group or committee at this time are as follows: -
  • 1. Remove Bayford from the list immediately.
  • 2. Long-term aim to work with the community to ensure the village remains much as it is.
  • 3. Executive committee formed, membership to be free, as the founder members will meet the costs.
  • 4. In spring the aim is to get Bayford taken off the list permanently.
  • 5. It is to be a subtle, but well organised campaign.
2.3 Joyce Mentern expressed surprise that there was no approach to the owners of the land before going to press. MW stated that, if selected, the site would be obtained under a 'compulsory purchase' order. DS explained that the criteria for selecting a suitable site were principally: - near a bus stop, school and doctors. Peter Jessop stated that the school was currently full with the criteria of 14 children per year already being met. He also noted that travellers' families usually prefer church schools. DS stated that he has sent a letter to Mike Carver informing him that the school is already over subscribed. N.Grint added that traveller children tend to be taught at home. DS said that in January he is to have a meeting with Rob Jamieson, a solicitor in Hertford, who has good experience of tackling these situations from a legal perspective. GWR added that the bus service is at best only twice a day. R.Wilson-Stephens urged the meeting to support DS and all that the action group is doing. J.Brocklehurst stated that was pleased with the way the campaign was being organised and gave it his full support. Noted
3.0Matters Arising
3.1 The village sign on the road to the station still to be dealt with. MW
4.1 AF and MW visited the site and found the 'camp' had now been cleared away. They are not expecting further activity until the spring. Noted
4.2 Mr and Mrs Chiltern have complained about activities in the playground. The fence is posts are splitting due to frost damage. A wire fence and planting was put in front but the planting has been ripped up. Mr Chiltern has agreed to fund a new fence and a lockable outside gate and to pay for someone to unlock and lock the gate each day. MW said Rumball Sedgwick and the PCSO were aware of the problems. It was agreed with thanks from the councillors to except Mr Chiltern's kind offer. Noted
4.3 DS suggested the introduction of security lighting and GWR suggested a security camera but apparently these are not allowed on public ground. Noted
4.4 The PCSO expressed concern that if the culprits were removed from the playground then problems could be transferred and occur elsewhere. Noted
4.5 A rent review is due in June 2008. Noted
5.1 GWR reported to the meeting from the Water Hall committee that permission to extract gravel from under Bayford Hall Farm was rejected. Brian Owen, the planning officer, has rejected the planning application to extend the recycling facility. However, it is expected that an appeal will be lodged. The landfill site is now completed but it is overfilled. A retrospective planning application is expected, which may be allowed. The site is licensed for many years. Recycling consultation due in 2008. 'Bunkers' should become a farm again. Noted
5.2 Land at the rear of Ashendene Road is due to be offered for sale shortly by EHDC but without any planning consent. Margaret Grocock has asked the council for support in preserving the land as it contains and supports rare plants and wildlife. She stated that she already has support of various organisations. The EHDC apparently wishes to use the proceeds from the sale to help balance their books. Mains drainage and sewage currently pass under the land. GWR added if there were sufficient funds the site would provide ideal parking for the school. Noted
6.0Bank Reconciliation
6.1 MW asked that Angela Turner be paid for litter picking, Joy Hargreaves for 2 poppy wreaths and R.Turner for grass cutting. He also asked whether we had received the precept payment for the second half of the year. MB
7.0 Correspondence Electronic Distribution
7.1 MW to supply EHDC with an e-mail address and to undertake a trial run. MW
8.0 Any Other Business
8.1 Bill Brace said that the style on footpath 1 still needed to be repaired. Robert Sheriff has agreed to repair the style by Ash Spinney. Footpath No. 4 is pointing in the wrong direction. Andrea Trendler stated that this is the Council's responsibility. Noted
8.2 John Brocklehurst suggested that the painted village sign needed a brick or stone plinth at its base. Noted
8.3 MB reported that the Service Planning Department of First Capital Connect had finally become involved with the problems of buses using Bayford Lane instead of the designated Brickenden Lane as part of the bus replacement service for trains on Sundays. They are going to contact the bus company direct. A further update will be given when more information becomes available. MB
9.0Date of Next Meeting
9.1There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.35pm.Noted
9.2The date of the next regular meeting is to be 21th January 2008 held at Bayford JMI School at 8.00pm. Please note change of dateNoted