Bayford JMI School. 24 September 2007

Parish Council Meeting

Present:Michael Wainwright (Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jackie Fulcher, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer (Clerk) 3 members of the public.

Apologies: None.
1.0 Approval of Minutes - 9th July 2007
1.1The minutes were confirmed as read. Noted
2.0Matters Arising
2.1 It was noted that the second style at 54 Bayford Green had still not been repaired (previous minutes item 4.2) MW
2.2 Robert Sheriff had previously reported that permission had been granted to move footpath nr.2. Bill Brace stated that after investigation he could not find confirmation that permission had been given. It was agreed that AF would discuss the issue with Robert Sheriff. AF
3.1 JF stated that the playground was now in a terrible state. In addition, Mary Samulak had phoned to specify that some of the larger children had created damage to the property. It would appear that there was now a 'camp' there using 'local' materials. GWR suggested that a 6ft high fence should be erected to deter entry. AF suggested a letter drop to parents in the local area reminding them of the age limit allowed to use the play area and that it must be left in good condition. Noted
3.2 MW and AF agreed to inspect the area. In the meantime as a result of the 'Playground Safety Inspectors report' it was suggested that the 2 towers did not meet the required standards (although this was considered a low risk). The algae should be removed from the rubber surfaces and the bark mulch needed weeding. In addition, the laurel bush to the right hand side of the gate needs to be removed. MW/AF
3.3 It was agreed that MW would telephone Councillor Walduck to discuss the issues. MW
4.1 No correspondence had been received since the last meeting. Noted
5.0Planning Applications
5.1 An application had been received for a conservatory at Bayfordbury. Noted
6.0Balances & Cheques
6.1 The latest accounts were presented together with an explanation of the finances. Noted
6.2 Grass cutting was considered a high cost. Accordingly, JF requested that a new quotation was obtained. MW suggested that there should be a fixed price for a years cut but with the football pitch receiving attention on every other occasion. MW
6.3 There were two comments on the accounts sent back from Lubbock Fine following their audit namely, the 'total other receipts' (box 3) should read 1,047 and that the accounts were not ready before they were sent off to them. Lubbock Fine presented a bill of 58.75 which is to be paid. MW
6.4 It was noted that 50% of the precept is still to be paid in October, so there should be no need to transfer funds from the reserve account to stop the current account being overdrawn. Noted
6.5 The Cornhill Insurance is due to be paid soon. It was suggested that the 'lamp post' should be deleted from the inventory to reduce the premium. MW
7.0Any other Business
7.1 GWR discussed his recent communications with Water Hall. Copy of letter shown to all councillors Noted
7.2 The new 'dog poo bin' had been installed in the wrong place but that it was now correctly positioned on Bayford Green. Noted
7.3 JF informed the attendees that sheet lead had been stolen from the porch and lobby roof of the Village Hall. Terry Haynes reported that both the church and the village hall are vulnerable to further lead removal and that the villagers need to be informed of the threat and to be vigilant. Noted
7.4 GWR noted that the Bayford Village sign from the station has been demolished for awhile. Unfortunately, we cannot claim back for its reinstatement under insurance as it is not owned or covered by the Parish. MW
7.5 The 'wobbly' sign for the school had now been removed and the governors had applied for it to be replaced with a new one. Name on sign yet to be decided. GWR
7.6 MB reported that she has been in touch with First Capital Connect by e-mail re the wrong routing of the replacement bus services for trains on Sundays. They have been using Bayford Lane and not Brickendon Lane . There are currently e-mail communications between FCC and the manager of the bus company. MB
7.7 Judith Fawcett raised about the surfaces and fencing on the new footpath at Bayfordbury. This is looked after by the 'Rights of Way' and not the parish council. Noted
8.0Date of Next Meeting
8.1 There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.20pm. Noted
8.2 The date of the next regular meeting is to be 26 November 2007 to be held at Bayford JMI School at 8.00pm. ( Confirmed by MW ) Noted