Bayford Parish Council

Chairman: Dr M Wainwright 1b Broad Green Wood, Bayford


Minutes of the Parish Assembly held on Monday 26th March 2007.


Present:            Cllr M Wainwright

                        Cllr J Fulcher

                        Cllr G Rowley

                        Cllr A Fitzjohn

                        Cllr R Callaby

                        Mrs H Golding (clerk)


Apologies:            L Halsey.


Michael Wainwright welcomed everyone and apologised for not having a speaker this year.


Planning: I was a fairly quiet year for planning issues. The Parish Council continues to oppose major new developments in the parish that have a negative effect on the village.


Vandalism. St Mary’s Church has unfortunately suffered a disturbing amount of vandalism in the year. In the latest episode the church porch was set on fire. This resulted in the church being locked when unattended for a short period. Michael commented that many churches in the area have obviously been targets and now 90% are locked. This is a pity for people interested in visiting old churches.


Footpaths. The matter of footpaths and rights of way was mentioned. The Council reiterates that it is the landowners responsibility to maintain stiles . Michael thanked Mr Nichols for the repair work to the stile at Bayford Green.


Grass Verges and Pond. A working party has spent a Sunday morning on the verge outside Dean House. Many dead elms and brambles were removed and young ash and oak trees planted. Michael thanked all those who took part including Bob, Robert, Rodney, Alan, Bill and also Susan Wilson Stephens who supplied the workers with tea and biscuits. Another date, 1st April has been pencilled in to tackle the next section of verge. Thanks also to Rodney and Alan who planted the new trees.


The outlet of the pond at Willow Corner appears to be blocked. EHDC have telephoned Michael to request that we remedy the situation.


A subcontractor of EHDC has started to cut the grass in front of the houses at Willow Corner, including the land that belongs to the Parish Council. EHDC refused our offer to cut their grass (behind the railings) for a fee. We will ignore the situation for the time being. Mr Turner has agreed to strim the area in front of the playground.


Rose Triangle. Thanks went again to Claire Smith and her posse of helpers for maintaining the Rose Triangle. Some new roses were purchased to replace those that had died.

Litter. George Rowley kindly organised the 2nd annual Litter Picking day which took place on St George’s Day. It was very successful. Many thanks again to all those who helped. A date for this year will be released shortly.


Gravel. There have been no new developments this year.


Village VAT. The issue concerning VAT has been resolved after more than a year of discussions.


QEII No decisions have yet been made as to the future of the hospitals in this area.


Elections. Councillors must be re-elected this year. All member of the parish are eligible to stand. Application must be received by 4th April.


Rodney Callaby has decided not to stand again. His advise and practical help will be greatly missed. Michael hoped that we could call on his muscle power for working parties. Both Michael and Robert thanked him for his many years service.


Helen Golding is also to resign after 3 years as Parish Clerk. Therefore the Council will be advertising for a replacement.


Michael found some interesting photographs and an account of Beating the Bounds in an old minute book. Everyone present showed grate interest.


Michael thanked all the Councillors for their work during the year.


On behalf of the village, Robert and Susan Wilson Stephens expressed their thanks to the Council for all their hard work throughout the year.


Any Other Business.


The three benches by the Pond, Rose Triangle and Village Sign are in need to some attention, perhaps sanding and oiling.


The question as to whether Jesmond Cottage fell within Bayford Parish was raised. They appear to be carrying out some work there.


Tea and biscuits were served.