Bayford Parish Council

Chairman: Dr M Wainwright 1b Broad Green Wood, Bayford


Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on Monday 29th January 2007.


Present:            Cllr M Wainwright

                        Cllr J Fulcher

                        Cllr G Rowley

                        Cllr A Fitzjohn

                        Cllr R Callaby

                        Mrs H Golding (clerk)


Apologies:            L Halsey.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and signed as correct.


Matters Arising.

Playground. The weeds in the bark areas require spraying.



Michael thanked everyone who turned out to help clear the verge of dead trees and brambles. Alan agreed to purchase some new ash and oak trees. A further section of verge is scheduled for 1st April.



Barry Nichols, the landowner responsible for the stile in question in Bayford Green, has carried out repairs.



Anyone interested in standing must apply before noon on 4th April, for both Parish and Local Council.






It was agreed to increase the precept by approximately 4%, plus the election expenses.


Any Other Business.


Bayford Lane is not a designated route for gritting. However it is used by the school bus and a substantial amount of other commuter traffic. Michael to send a letter to Ian Bishop at Highways.


The meeting was closed at 9pm. The chairman thanked all those who attended.


Date and time of next meeting: Monday 26th March 2007, The Parish Assembly.


Matters The matter of the Permissive Footpath from Broad Green Wood through the Bayfordbury Estate to the B158 near The Riverside Garden Centre was raised. Notices stating that this is private have been erected and walkers turned back. Michael agreed to investigate.


Bill asked for the minutes on the web site to be updated. Michael agreed to do this as the minutes become available.