Bayford Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 10th April 2006

The Annual Meeting 2006.

Guests: Paul Weston and Neil Major Community Police Officers

Apologies: Cllr A Fizjohn, Cllr G Rowley, Linda Haysey

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Michael Wainwright was elected Chairman, unopposed.

The budget for last and next year was discussed. There has been substantial spending this year on tree surgery. The trees in the playgroiund have been made safe and two large trees felled. This has greatly inporved the feel of the playground which was quite dark and overshadowed dow the bottom end. Tree on the verge have also been made safe. Two trees around the pond had split and have been removed and thre rest pollarded. This work is very expensive (between 600 - 800 per day) but is necessary both on aethetic and safety grounds. Cutting the grass also costs a substantial amount, about 2000 last year (2005 - 2006) Mr Turner's service is still thought to be value for money. The Council has some VAT to reclaim for last year and the year before, owing to the protracted 'discussions' with the C&E. We need to claim some money from EHDC for cutting their grass, ie behind the pond and arounf the village sign. It was concluded that the precept would have to be raised again by the full cost of inflation, or slightly more. It was noted that neighbouring parishes have substatially greater precepts than Bayford.

Following a letter from Mrs Whyman, a donation of 250 to the Memorial Hall was agreed. The Chiarman expressed this Council's wholehearted support to the Memorial Hall Committee, and regretted that the Council could not make a larger donation.

Dates and times of subsequent meetings were agreed.