Chairman: Dr M Wainright, 1b Broad Green Wood, Bayford

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 18th July 2005.


PRESENT: Cllr G Rowley

Cllr J Fulcher

Cllr R Callaby

Cllr A Fitzjohn

Mrs H Golding (Clerk)

5 Resident of the village

APOLGIES: Cllr M. Wainright


The minutes of the meeting held on 16th May 2005 were read and signed as correct.


Playground – Nothing to report

Rumballs Hump

A letter was sent to EHDC re the erection of the wall and new curb encroaching into the road. An acknowledgment was set from Mr Fairbrass and later a more detailed reply received from Alison Young. She was looking into planning application and observations made. She was to pass the comments about the curb to highways.


George Rowley had a meeting with Mark Prisk a report has been published on the internet. The Inspector has refused the appeal but that doesn’t stop them from issuing planning permission and could rear again in 5 years when they come to review the next 7 year plan.

George is now pursuing the removal of redundant equipment from the site with everyone agreement.

Nine Acre Field

Current owners will not be pushed into a quick sale – no action to report.

Village Hall VAT – Nothing to report


Nothing to report from previous correspondence between Val Weaver and Michael Wainright. The subject of large lorries using Bayford Lane from B158 was mentioned. Val Weaver said there was nothing that could be done as they were probably travelling to a site in the area. George Rowley mentioned the car accident in Little Berkhampstead - it will only be a matter of time before something serious happens in Bayford.

It was felt the Community Police should be invited to one of the Parish meetings.

Helen Golding to write to Raj Goutam the new contact for highways regarding the pot holes etc.

Rose Plot

Thanks to Sue and Michael Wainright for tidying the Rose Plot.

Village Sign

This is now ready to be installed – need to discuss with Michael Wainright an unveiling ceremony and notifying press etc.



Erection of Mobile Phone mast opposite side to Bayford Station – no objection



T Turner Litter Picking £ 80.64

Hertfordshire Buildings Preservation Trust Donation £ 30.00

St. Albans Diocese Playground Rent £ 50.00

Alpha Signs Village Sign £1362.25

R Turner Grass Cutting £1120.00



The local Councillor, Tim Robinson died earlier this month condolences go to his family.

Hedge at the Village Hall could do with cutting back, Alan Fitzjohn t take a look and if required, Mr Turner to do additional works.

Village Hall/Bayford School

The Parish Council received a copy of Mrs Aumayer’s resignation letter to the Village Hall Committee. The letter prompted discussion about Bayford School and the Village Hall with regard to the ongoing parents parking and associated problems.

Despite the Baker Arm’s car park being available for school run parking there is still a requirement for closer proximities to the school. The Village hall has some issues to space and the car park foundations etc.

It was felt that a meeting between the school governors, headmaster Peter Jessop and representatives of the village hall and parish council would be beneficial.

Licensing Laws

A number of residents raised their concerns about the new licensing laws and how this affects the Baker Arms and Village. Residents living near to the public house regarded the increase of opening hours, an invasion of their privacy as well as having the potential of antisocial behaviour. Many of the councillors expressed some concern.

The meeting was closed at 9:13 Alan Fitzjohn thanked those present for attending.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING Monday 12th September 2005


Future Meetings:-

21st November 2005

23rd January 2006