Chairman: Dr M Wainright, 1b Broad Green Wood, Bayford

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 17th January 2005.


PRESENT: Cllr M. Wainright

Cllr J Fulcher

Cllr R Callaby

Cllr A Fizjohn

Cllr G Rowley

Mrs H Golding (Clerk)

Cllr Robinson

2 Resident of the village

Deborah Clark, Executive Member (Economic and Regional Development) EHDC came to speak for about 20 minutes on the East of England Regional Plan, explaining what the issues were and their implications to the area. The loss of green belt land, the increase in traffic, pollution and the cost of the underlying infrastructure that is required for the number of homes. She left a number of leaflets and urged everyone to write with their objections.


The minutes of the meeting held on 22nd November 2004 were read and signed as correct.



The covenant on the land at Bayford Green concerning edifices is rather unclear as to the meaning. Legal advice takes the view it concerns buildings rather than playground swings etc however they do advise speaking with the owner of the land opposite the field for their opinion and perhaps take legal counsels advice prior to proceeding.

Michael Wainright will speak with David Latham.

Playground tidy will take place on Sunday 20th March at 10:00 require trailer chainsaw etc. Alan to organise the bark.

County Livery


Michael Wainright tried to remove a couple of the posts but it needs a devise to do so they are securely set into the ground.


Michael also spoke to the enforcement officer Glyn Day concerning the ongoing development of the stable area. The owners have been told they need to apply for retrospective Planning Permission for the different layout to the original permission granted some years ago. Building is continuing despite this.

9Acre Field

The syndicate organised by Bob Fawcett seem to have waned slightly at present, The owner of the adjacent land is willing to put up a substantial amount toward the purchase but does require some conditions that the rest of the syndicate have some issues with. EHDC say there is no planning activity and are unwilling to make any moves at present.

Ashendene Farm

Michael Wainright spoke to Glyn Day concerning the problems the local residents have. No action is being taken by EHDC at the moment.

Rumballs Hump

George Rowley spoke with Alison Young the families have until March otherwise they will be evicted.


George Rowley and Michael Wainwright attended the enquiry. Only 5 parishioners, 2 Bayford parish councillors and about five representatives of other parishes attended. There were no district or county councillors, which was rather disappointing.

The petition organised by Bayford Parish Council, which had previously been excluded was presented to the Inspector. She and Mr Campbell agreed to it being included. Mr Perera, HCC Barrister called two witnesses, the chief development officer at HCC, Mr Brian Owen was asked about six questions. He gave yes /no answers to most of them and when asked about his qualifications on landscape and transport he replied he had none.

Village Sign

The proof of the sign was shown as the meeting and costs of 1600 plus VAT.


Mulberry Lodge application for licence


Cheques Paid:

T Turner Litter Picking 35.84


Bayford School

George Rowley took photos of traffic etc. and a proposal is being put together.

Traffic Calming

A mobile speed sign was discussed for a short period (couple of days etc) but would require manning. It was achievable but requires volunteers and organisation.

Village Hall VAT

Customs & Excise questioned the submission and requested the receipts from the Council and Village Hall. As the treasurer for the Village Hall sub committee had resigned the other committee members have been unable to find all the receipts and information the C&E want. Michael Wainright is currently in discussions with them as to being able to continue reclaiming Hall VAT.

Police Support Officer invite to a parish meeting

The meeting was closed at 9:25pm. The Chairman thanked those present for attending.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING Monday 7th March 2005 - Parish Assembly

The dates for the nest meetings are

Parish Assembly 7th March 2005

Annual Meeting 21st March 2005

16th May 2005

18th July 2005