Chairman: Dr M Wainright, 1b Broad Green Wood, Bayford

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 22nd November 2004.


PRESENT: Cllr M. Wainright

Cllr J Fulcher

Cllr R Callaby

Cllr A Fizjohn

Cllr G Rowley

Mrs H Golding (Clerk)

2 Resident of the village



The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6th September were read and signed as correct. It should be noted: The donation received for the amount of £1000 was from the proceeds of Bayford Gardens Day.


Village Sign

Draft designs are progressing and discussion on typical materials wood v aluminium. Otherwise, no action to report.

Playground Relocation

Ian Nicholls brought to the council’s attention a condition to gift of the land where the proposed playground is to be re-sited. "...erect any building or edifice of any description..." The Council need to ascertain the legal position prior to any further action.

The grass area in front of the houses at Willow Corner was mentioned but immediately ruled out due to the residents of the houses there and the proximity of the pond.


Bunkers – Change of condition has been accepted for the time span for infill to 10 years reducing the time from the estimated completion 2042 to 2014. George Rowley to attend liaison committee.

SQ are appealing the refusal to quarry nr Broad Green. This will be heard at County Hall on 10/12. Copy of our petition is to be sent direct to panel. As many residents of village should try to attend the hearing George Rowley to produce leaflet to drum up some support.

Bayford Lane

Sign "Unsuitable for Large Vehicles" is to be erected at the junction of Bayford Lane and B158.

Ashendene Farm

Environmental Inspector reported no action required. Originally planning permission was granted on basis of a small-scale blacksmiths/wrought ironwork. Current usage is several times bigger operation. In view of the letters received from residents the Parish Council should write to EHDC to request they enforce no planning permission granted for large-scale operation that is in existence.

New Pond House

Need to reiterate where the boundaries are and the grass verge belonging to Bayford Parish. The previous owner of New Pond House, Mr Turner registered the land on behalf of Bayford Parish and therefore there should be no ambiguities as to ownership.

County Livery

5 more stables are being erected. Now buildings have an L shaped appearance. Michael Wainright wrote to EHDC with regard to renewal of permission and differences to original plan.

The Parish Council is very concerned at the number of instances retrospective planning consent is being granted, and the message of "do what you like" that is being perceived.


Concerns over liability & insurance implications were raised. Review posts next to roads that are on Parish Council land unanimously agreed they should be removed.


Baker Arms Licence Transfer

Riverside Gardens Licence Transfer

Mulberry Lodge Licence Transfer

The Granary – Conservatory

Rumball’s Hump

Mr Robb has withdrawn appeal of the onerous conditions. Need to ascertain from EHDC situation and plan of action.

Land on B158

Bob Fawcett and consortium are trying to buy the 9 acres of land owned by Mr Smith and hope to complete purchase before Xmas.


Cheques received:

Wayleave 5.75

Cheques Paid:

Grass Cutting 840.00

Litter Picking 107.52

Wreath 16.50

Village hall Donation 250.00

P J Musk 329.00

Clerk Fees (Yr) 499.92

Precept for next year was discussed at agreed set to 3% uplift to £3125.00

Customs & Excise

Claim for Vat Village Halls requires all receipts Michael Wainwright to liase with Village hall Committee and submit by 4th November.


Parking at Bayford School

Photos of the access and vehicles will take place during the next week to ascertain extent of problem for review with governors of Bayford School.


The meeting was closed at 9:25pm. The Chairman thanked those present for attending.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING Monday 17th January 2005

The dates for the nest meetings are

Parish Assembly 7th March 2005

Annual Meeting 21st March 2005

16th May 2005

18th July 2005