Bayford JMI School 17th September 2012

Parish Council Meeting

  1. Present: Michael Wainwright (Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jane Honeyman, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer (Clerk), Linda Haysey and 8 members of the public.
  2. Apologies
    1. None Noted
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Minutes of the previous meeting were read, signed and agreed by all the councillors. Noted
  4. Matters Arising
    1. Peter Musk to fell the diseased ash tree in the playground and pollard and fell the hollow willow tree around the pond at Willow Corner. Noted
    2. A communication has been received re the potholes in Bayford Lane – work is due to take place sometime from now – March 2014. Noted
    3. Rail replacement buses are continuing to use Bayford Lane despite a letter being written to the MD of First Capital Connect in July. David Sitwell has offered to ring him on our behalf. MB to forward a copy of original letter to him. Noted/MB
  5. Planning
      • Change of use of farm building to a single dwelling – Place Farm, Bayford – grant permission.
      • Full permission of a ground source heat pump at The Old Barn, Hertingfordbury – grant permission.
      • Replacement single storey rear extension and replacement double garage – 37 Bayford Lane, Bayford – grant permission.
      • Erection of 2m high post and barbed wire ence with wooden gates, plot 21 Lower Hatfield Road, Bayford – status ongoing
      • Full permission for new entrance gates and improvements to boundary hedges, Bayfordbury Mansion, Bayford – status ongoing.
      • Conversion of loft and insertion of 5 no velux windows – 10 Broad Green Wood, Bayford – certificate of lawful use or development has been issued.
      • 2 storey front extension and alterations to The Directors House, Bayfordbury, Bayford – status ongoing. Noted
  6. Finance
    1. Payments since last meeting
      • Paul Curson June and July £102.08
      • Paul Curson August and September £100.32
      • St. Albans Diocese £75.00
      • John O’Connor June £138.16
      • John O’Connor July and August £276.32
      • EHDC Playground Inspection £55.86
    2. Payments received :-
      • Bayford Cricket Club 2.7.12 £30.00
      • Robert Eyley – village sign 2.7.12 £196.00
      • New Homes Bonus 23.7.12 £959.00
    3. At 31.07.12 Current account stands at £8479.76
    4. Charity account and Business Saver Account no change since last meeting Noted
    5. BDO Audit – the ‘Issues Arising Report’ and Annual Return were read, discussed and noted by the councillors. It was approved and accepted. However it was also decided that the Fidelity guarantee cover was adequate. Noted
  7. Any Other Business
      • Permanent Traffic Regulation Order – Ashendene Road
      • MW outlined the situation re new proposals to alter the parking allowed in Ashendene Road near the school. BO stated that removing the parking from the roadside would encourage speeding through the village, there would be no pavement for parents and children to walk to the cars and the yellow lines would not look in keeping with the village.
      • GWR said on one front (the fact that the Council are taking it seriously) it would be a good idea as this shows at an official level it has been acknowledged that there is a problem. The school bus children from the safety aspect are ok but there is not the same protection for the car users.
      • To use the pub car park is not an option as it is privately owned by McMullens and the village hall car park is fully used by pre school. The council would be now be protected if any accident happened once yellow lines were painted.
      • David Sitwell said it was an ill conceived idea by one individual and the overall problem has not been properly researched. The village speed limit would not be adhered to and it would take traffic wardens or the police to monitor that no one parks on the yellow lines.
      • AF agreed with GWR.
      • Colin Taylor rang James Barton- Project Engineer today explaining that the pub car park and the village hall car park are not solutions as explained above. The district council land by the garages near to the school could be turned into a car park as one alternative as the future of this land is unknown.
      • The school have been asked to submit a travel plan re this land but that has as yet to be done. In the past the council has refused change of use for this land as it is a protected ‘nature reserve’. GWR commented that it has value if it is used for housing,
      • A ‘green’ style car park was proposed. In the past a ‘Green Travel plan’ was approved i.e. a walking train.
      • JH said it is an ongoing problem for all schools and questioned whether the proper research had been carried out.
      • LH said the proposed change of use for the land was a possible solution. It was raised as to why there would be a 2hr ban on waiting morning and afternoon when the parents were only parked for a maximum of 15mins.
      • AF stated that in the past it was suggested renting part of Deans field behind the garages.
      • It was questioned whether the garages are used regularly by the residents who own them.
      • MW to ring Peter Jessop headteacher for his comments.
      • LH offered any help that was required.
      • In summing up all councillors were agreed that yellow lines were not an option and to pursue change of use of the land by the garages for car parking and getting the speed limit dropped to 20mph around the school entrance and zig zag lines only painted on the road. MW to write to James Barton and email the letter to all residents. Noted/MW
    1. Bill Brace has written to MW saying he will no longer maintain the Rose Triangle because of the frustration of vehicles running over the borders. It was decided to find out what else we are allowed to do to protect the edges, possible bollards. Noted
    2. No further movement on new gravel extraction. Noted
    3. War Memorial – a retired architect currectly involved in restoring the HaHa around the church has offered to advise. Noted
    4. Concerns were voiced over the forthcoming sale of Lilac Cottage and the fact that it is not a listed building. MW to pursue the possibilities of getting it listed and how long this would take as it is felt to be an asset to the village MW
    5. The seat in the playground is covered in brambles, TH has offered to prune them back. Noted
    6. MB then read out the following correspondence:-
      • Hertfordshire Sustainability Conference – taking place on Friday 12th October, if any councillors wish to attend.
      • Annual report of HAPTC – received.
      • EHDC – declaration of Acceptance of Office – all councillors to fill in – this was duly done.
      • HCC – part night streetlighting – being adopted in East Herts.
      • EHDC – new standards regime / members code of conduct training – given to MW
      • New powers for PCCs – local works – given to MW
      • Rights of Way – given to MW
      • Safer Hertford Initiative –a local group forming a new charity but it was decided not to join this.
      • Closure of Ashendene Road to take place for utility work on October 10-11th 2012.
      • Salt restocking for parish councils – a hippo-style grab bag available – to be delivered to AF’s farm.
      • Minutes from the East Herts Local Plan & Neighbourhood Plans received.
      • Hertfordshire Transport facts – 2 booklets received – given to JH.
  8. Date and Time of Next Meeting
    1. Next meeting is on Monday 19th November 2012 at 8.00pm
    2. There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.35pm.
Signed………………………………………………………….. Date:……………………………….. 1