Bayford JMI School 18th June 2012

Parish Council Meeting

Present: Michael Wainwright (Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jane Honeyman, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer (Clerk) and 1 member of the public.
Apologies:Linda Haysey
  1. Apologies: David Sitwell. Noted
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Minutes of the previous meeting were read, signed and agreed by all the councillors. Noted
  3. Matters Arising
    1. AF has scrubbed the mat on the log walk and it is noted that the laurels need chopping back. Peter Musk has not yet felled the ash tree. Noted
    2. MW reported back that to lock the new notice board do the top lock first. Noted
    3. Item 4.4 – MW received an unsatisfactory answer from Susie Defoe re Article 4 and will draft a letter to be sent to Planning at EHDC. MW
    4. Locality meeting minutes have been sent out by EHDC. Noted
    5. The potholes have now been filled in along Bayford Lane but the gravel at the bottom of the lane still needs attending to. AF spoke to the Highways Dept. when they were doing the potholes but it was not on their job list. Noted
    6. At present there is no movement re planning applications for gravel extractions from Water Hall or Bayford Hall Farm. Noted
    7. GWR has yet to approach 36 Bayford Lane re their bright outdoor light, however he felt it was now not on for so long. GWR
    8. The money should be returned shortly for the new village sign as the company is no longer trading. MW to email him again. A new supplier is now needed. MW
    9. No further news from the War Memorial Trust. Noted
  4. Planning
      • Erection of detached agricultural workers dwelling, Plot 2 Penny Royal, Bucks Alley – refuse permission
      • Single storey, side and rear extensions + internal alterations, 33 Bayford Green – grant permission
      • Replacement Garage, new garage and garden store, Ashendene, White Stubbs Lane – grant permission
      • Demolition of existing buildings, conversion of existing boiler house, re-use of existing glasshouses, access and parking at Bayfordbury – grant permission
      • Full permission of a ground source heat pump at The Old Barn, Hertingfordbury – status ongoing
    1. It was discussed that the electronic plans are difficult to read. MW has asked that all councillors respond to MB re their views on the planning application. Noted
  5. Finance
    1. Payments since 30.04.12
      • Paul Curson April and May £97.54
      • Herts Building Trust £20.00
      • John O’Connor April and May £276.32
      • Payments received :-
      • Bayford Cricket Club £30.00
      • Litter Picking (shortly to be received) £651.98 April 2012 – March 2013 increase of 11p per hour
      • At 31.05.12 Current account stands at £7234.25
      • Charity account and Business Saver Account no change since last meeting
  6. BDO Audit – several points raised. BDO have been officially confirmed as the external auditors for the next 5 years by the Audit Commission. Noted/MB
  7. Insurance value of village hall is £257,886.00 excluding contents, cricket club yet to respond but have paid £30.00 peppercorn rent
  8. Correspondence
    1. Dawn Grocock – update on Ashendene Road verge route – The safety audit is now complete for the Bucks Alley crossing.Clearence work with CMS has been discussed as their volunteers will be carrying out the work in Sept. Funding for surfacing and drainage work is still being discussed with Groundwork Trust. Noted/MW
    2. Letter from Oliver Heald re Broadband in rural areas – passed on to GWR. GWR reported that by 2014/15 the government wants 90% of the country to have super speed broadband. Tendering is taking place at the moment between 2 companies. Villagers need to log onto the site to register interest or else Bayford will not be considered. B. Brace offered to do flyers to each householder in the parish. Noted
    3. EHDC – the New Standards Regime for Councillors – passed on to MW Noted
    4. Action with Communities in Rural England – are there any charity owned / used listed buildings with solar panels in BPC Noted
    5. EHDC- District Planning Bulletin No 6 – formerly LDF – given to MW Noted
    6. EHDC- Linda Haysey – officers in the Council are looking services and policies in the area for the older generation. Are there any activities or community events in BPC for the older residents? Do we think BPC should have events ie lunch club? Noted
    7. EHDC- Strategic Land Availability Assessment – notification of stakeholder engagement. Noted
    8. Dean Chilton’s e-mail – re dog fouling problems on his property – being dealt with by the police. Noted
    9. East Herts Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans – minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 13.06.2012 Noted
    10. First Capital Connect Bus replacement service – letter to be written to Neal Lawson Managing Director of FCC complaining about the regular use of coaches down Bayford Lane. MB
    11. New Homes Bonus- now received – an article to be placed in parish magazine for ideas of possible parish projects for this money. Noted/MW
    12. Neighbourhood plan – BPC will need to produce one and John Lambie of Brickendon PC suggested a combined meeting. Noted
    13. Village Pond – AF and MW have done some clearing.The fallen tree was removed by Highways Agency.The trees remaining need professional pollarding and P.Musk will do this. All councillors asked to assess the pond area. Noted/All
    14. Congratulations to everyone in the village for their hard work at Bayford Musical Gardens day. Noted
  9. Date and Time of Next Meeting
    1. Next meeting is on Monday 17th September 2012 at 8.00pm
    2. There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.20pm.
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