Bayford JMI School 30th April 2012

Parish Council Meeting

Present: Michael Wainwright (Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jane Honeyman, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer (Clerk), and Councillor Linda Haysey.
  1. Apologies None received. Noted
  2. Election of Chairman MW announced that he was prepared to stand again as chairman for the following year. AF - proposed and BO - seconded. MW was unanimously elected.
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
    1. Minutes of the previous meeting were read, signed and agreed by all the councillors except item 4.1 LH stated that planning permission for Riverside Gardening Centre had been refused. Noted
    2. Matters Arising
      1. The playground has been visited by MW and AF because of what appears to be a diseased and potentially dangerous ash tree. Peter Musk has been contacted to fell this tree. Noted
      2. The new notice board has been erected by BO and AF. MB reported that the 2 locks together don’t work, MW to look into this. Noted/MW
      3. The village clean up recently was again very successfol and it was noted there was less litter than previous years. GWR queried if our insurance covered volunteers working on this day and it woold appear that we are adequately covered. Noted
      4. It was reported that the field along Lower Hatfield Road that was the subject of a recent withdrawn planning application, now has new fencing and barbed wire around it. MW to speak to planning officer Susie Defoe to check on this. Noted/MW
      5. Item 3.4 – the broken bus shelter tiles have now been replaced by Terry Whyman. Noted
      6. VAT has now been claimed up to March 2012 by MW. Noted
    3. Planning
        • First floor rear extension to The Granary, Bayford Hall Farm, Bayford Lane – grant permission.
        • Erection of stockproof post and rail fencing, barbed wire fencing and scalpings and dropped curb at entrance ( 2 applications with amended drawings) – Land adjacent to Lower Hatfield Road – withdrawn (post recommendation to refuse this application).
        • Use of land for siting mobile home Ashendene Stud – permission granted but 3 bedroom detached dwelling – permission refused.
        • Erection of detached agricultural workers dwelling Plot 2, Penny Royal, Bucks Alley – status ongoing
        • Single storey, side rear extensions + internal extensions, 33 Bayford Green – status ongoing.
        • Replacement garage, new garage and garden store, Ashendene – status ongoing Noted
    4. Finance
      1. The financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2012 were presented to all the councillors. These were agreed and signed off by the Chairman MW. There were however several explanatory notes as follows:-
        • VAT Repayment - this was payment for 2 years, as the previous year was not claimed in time.
        • New Homes Bonus - East Herts District Council payment for new homes and converting empty properties to homes in the parish. As this money is for the benefit of the community a note to be printed in the next parish magazine with suggestions being put forward of how to spend the money.
        • Memorial Hall - as per the minutes 19th September 2011 item 4.8 it was agreed to give a donation to Bayford Memorial Hall to help with the fees and repairs needed in setting up the Pre-School group.
        • Notice Board - a new wood replacement single door wall mounted notice board with hand carved letters.
        • Maintenance - this is made up of 3 separate cheques for maintenance to 3 different pieces of street furniture in the asset register.
        Charity account and Business Saver Account no change since last meeting
      2. Asset Register – this was also presented to the councillors. Two new items under street furniture have been added in the last year, the wood notice board and 2 x gates and goal posts. 3 x village signs need to be added next year as they were erected by HCC but the maintenance of them is the BPCs responsibility. GWR asked if the insurance value of the Memorial Hall and Cricket Pavilion is indexed linked. MB to contact the treasurers of both committees for a current figure. Noted/MB
      3. A quote has been received from Aon re our insurance. It is to remain the same price as last year. It was decided to renew with Aon again this year. The new notice board will not be added as a separate item as we are sufficiently covered. Noted/MB
      4. The audit commission form sections 1 accounting statements and section 2 annual governance statements for 2011 – 2012 were doly filled in by MB/MW and signed and dated by both. This will now be forwarded onto David Sitwell our new internal auditor together with all relevant accompanying paperwork. Noted/MB
      5. The councillors reviewed all the criteria related to the appropriateness of the internal auditor and concluded that David Sitwell who has agreed to be the internal auditor, fulfilled all the requirements. He is considered suitable for the following reasons:-
        • He is a resident in the village of Bayford.
        • A businessman being a CEO of an advertising and marketing company.
        • He is not related to any of the councillors.
        • He has no financial interest in BPC.
        • He is not a member.
    5. Correspondence
      1. MW received an e-mail from Rodney Callaby re the poor state of Bayford Lane from the B158 to the church. Bryan Hammond – our local councillor has been informed. One of the problems is the drains are blocked despite Mr Yucelpt – Highways saying they are cleaned every year. The gravel at the bottom of Bayford Lane now covers half the carriageway. It was suggested that the more parishioners that complain a result may be achieved. MW to e-mail Stevan Pyle at HCC re the problem. Noted/MW
      2. GWR is to attend a locality meeting at police HQ on 25th May 2012. Noted
      3. The Herts Building Preservation Trust subscription is due and it was agreed to pay this. Noted/MB
      4. GWR reported that there has as yet been no formal application submitted re new excavations of gravel in the field alongside Bayford Lane. Noted
      5. GWR has written to Development Control at EHDC re Bayford Hall Farm fishing planning application. The parking areas that were agreed are not being adhered to and it is busy with vehicle movements. Noted
      6. GWR has raised the issue of the garden lighting at 36 Bayford Lane as being very intrusive in the immediate countryside area. He will have a polite word with the residents for an amicable solution. Noted
      7. The new village sign for the road near to the station is currently being made. Noted
      8. MW has been in written contact with the War Memorial Trust enclosing photos and is currently awaiting their response re cost of renovation. A grant is available for part of the money. Noted
    6. Date and Time of Next Meeting
      1. Next meeting is on Monday 18th June 2012 at 8.00pm
      2. There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.25pm.
    Signed………………………………………………………….. Date:……………………………….. 1