2010 - 2011

Chairman's Report, 28th March 2011

  1. At the start of the year there was much concern about speeding through the village. However, it has largely come to nothing. Mr Yucelt, Hertfordshire Highways, stated that Bayford had too few points to qualify for any traffic calming. Points are awarded to roads where a significant number of accidents have accurred. PCSO’s can now use cameras but the results are just a letter of warning not a conviction.
  2. The precept was kept at the same level of £4100 for the third year running.
  3. The bus shelter was painted with anti-graffiti paint. We are very grateful to Bill Brace. Bill has also done an excellent job organising the team rose triangle.
  4. Drains blocked, pot holes continue to be a problem. The gravel was swept at botton of hill but not at corner (where there was another accident last week).
  5. Alan has replaced the 2 gates around Bayford Green, the football field and tightened up the wire fence. He has also erected two new goal posts.
  6. Local Development Framework. Headline is 8,500 homes (283 per annum). It is due for adoption ca 2013 and valid until 2031. Bob and I attended a meeting at Brickendon Village hall in October at which Cllr Mike Carver gave a presentation. I completed questionnaire end of 2010. Currently: the questionairre responses are being used to form a project plan. East Herts is also progressing with its Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA). Two quotations from the Plan: "Whilst we acknowledge that two-thirds of the district is not covered by Green Belt, we do not think that it would be either realistic or sustainable to propose a development strategy option which seeks to locate development exclusively outside the Green Belt (see Section 3.7)." and "Options should not avoid development in the Green Belt"
    1. Option A: Towns.
    2. Option B: Towns and Larger Service Villages.
    3. Option C: Towns, Larger Service Villages, and Smaller Service Villages. Bayford mentoned here.
    4. Option D: Towns, Larger Service Villages, Smaller Service Villages, and Other Villages / Hamlets.
    5. Option E: Towns, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City.
    6. Option F: Settlements within Transport Corridors, Bayford mentioned here.
  7. Peter Jessop (Headmaster) today expressed the opinion that as no species of any value could be found on the site at the rear of Ashendene Rd (by the garages) it is to be sold for market value for housing.
  8. Parish Plan. A presentation 'A Survey of Bayford Parish' will be given shortly. Katie Neilsen passed on a message from The Reverend Pauline to the effect that the Church wishes to be involved in the process of the plan. Linda Haysey stated that parish Planns have been superseded by' Neighbourhood Plans' and that these would have more significance. Parish plans have no legal status. Also that the Parish Council is not allowed to make be the authors of the Parish Plan.
  9. Bayford Gardens Day – 6th June 2010 – congratulations to the village for an ejoyable, most successful and rewarding day.
  10. We are very grateful to Paul Curson for litter picking. His area is within the 30mph zone. He has complained that dog mess has been placed in the litter bin in the playground.
  11. Two new litter bins have been erected in the playground and by the bus shelter. Again thanks to Bill for assistance in fitting these.
  12. The Eighth Annual Village Clean Up was held on the 20th March. A great success.
  13. Bayford Memorial Hall. Colin Taylor has been instrumental in organising a new Pre School Group to start in September. This will be of grate benefit to the Memorial Hall, not only for the income it will provide also the extra use will enable the Ha;l to obtained further grants due to this community use. The extra people involved with the hall is also a bonus.
  14. We have decided to retain the same contractor for the grass cutting, since their quotation for 2010 was £1315.79 + VAT and for 2011 is £1381.59 + VAT.
  15. After a great deal of research we have established that 'The Charity' is in fact the verges which are held in trust by the PC according to the terms of the agreement between the PC and the Clicnton Baker Estate. Therefore the Robert Wilson Stephens name has now officially been removed from the trustee. We thank him most whole heartedly for his assistance in this matter.
  16. The Parish Counil would like to thank all the councillors for there hard work during this year. We most especially extend our thanks to Maggie our clerk. Jackie Fulcher has decided not to stand for election. We thank her whole heartedly for he not inconsiderable time on the Parish Council and indeed other institutions over many years. Finally, we would like to thank all parishioners who have given their time and effort for the good of the parish, during this year.