Parish Council Meeting

Bayford JMI School, 21st January 2008

Present: Michael Wainwright (Chairman), Alan Fitzjohn, Bob Orme, Jackie Fulcher, George William Rowley, Maggie Broomer (Clerk) + 4 members of the public

Apologies: Linda Halsey
1.0Minutes of Previous Meeting 
1.1 The minutes of the previous meeting held on 26th November 2007 were confirmed as read. Noted
2.0 Matters Arising.
2.1 The village sign on the way to the station is still to be dealt with. MW
2.2 MW to supply EHDC with an e-mail address - and to undertake a trial run. MW
2.3 First Capital Connect's bus replacement service appears now to be operating on the correct route. Noted
3.0 Playground. 
3.1 MW cleared weeds from around the bark area around the climbing frame and cleaned away the mould from the rubber tiles. AF to dispose of the bags of weeds at the entrance. AF to obtain more bark and together with MW they will spread it. MW to cut down the laurel by the gate. MW/AF
3.2 The style of fence that Mr Chiltern has agreed to fund has yet to be decided. AF is to obtain some quotations for the work and the posts and gate will also need replacing and made slightly wider to take the width of a lawn mower. AF
4.0 Planning.  
4.1 The following planning applications have been received: -
1A Broad Green Wood No objection
26 Ashendene Road No objection
Kingfishers - On appeal for access No response
4.2 Land at the rear of Ashendene Road :- Mr Chiltern has submitted a bid to buy the land and then lease it to the school to provide parking at a 'peppercorn' rent. It was felt by the school that the EHDC may favour this idea as although other bids are significantly higher, planning permission would need to be granted. The ground would be of similar material as the parking at Brickendon Village Hall. Access to the garages would be maintained. Any plants that need to be moved would be done sympathetically. JF commented that one of the garages was broken into last week. To counteract this, it was suggested that maybe a metal barrier could be erected for use at night and weekends with access to be maintained for villagers. GWR said that the EHDC would be announcing the successful bid this week. Noted
4.3 Gypsy Site: LH had reported by telephone that a site in North Herts. had been removed from the list of sites. More details to follow.  
5.0 Finance.  
5.1 Angela Turner, Joy Hargreaves and R.Turner have now all been paid. Noted
5.2 MB had prepared a finance report and explained that comparing income with expenditure for this financial year so far we are in credit by 164.00.However, still to be deducted are the following: - Playground Inspection Angela Turner quarterly bill for litter picking The salary for MB acting as clerk VAT for this year Noted
5.3 The various bank accounts as at 31 December 2007 are as follows:- The current account stands at 1,440.00 The HIBA account stands at 812.00 The charity account stands at 2,732.00 Noted
5.4 Although R.Turner has sent in his quote for grass cutting for this year, it has been decided to put it out to tender and obtain quotes from Les Swain and John O'Connor (Grounds Maintenance) Ltd. MW
5.5 Rumball Sedgewick has written to notify us that the playground rent is to be increased this year from 50.00 to 75.00. MW to contact and try and negotiate. MW
5.6 Came and Company has e-mailed us wanting to provide a quote for our yearly insurance. This was felt to be a good idea and MB is to write to them with the necessary details. MB
6.0 Any Other Business.  
6.1 Village clearing is to take place on Sunday March 16th at 10.00am. GWR is to organise and to arrange refreshments. MW to design posters and publicise the event. BO asked if the clearance could extend along White Stubbs Lane towards Kingfisher's nursery, although this will depend on the number of volunteers. D. Sitwell has offered to put an advert on his 'Bayford Action Group' website - this was readily accepted. MW/GWR
6.2 The next meeting 'Parish Assembly' will now be Monday 7th April 2008 at 7.45pm. The date change has been necessary because of the Easter holiday. It was suggested that guest speakers for the evening could be:-
David Sitwell with an update on the gypsy camp.
Charles Lambert with the arrangements and format for 'Gardens Day' this year
Mark Prisk our local MP - D. Sitwell to approach him for his availability
There will be a leaflet drop for the whole village and information on the web site
6.3 The village pond is overfull and MW is to check the sump and grille MW
6.4 MB reported that several trees down the lower end of Bayford Lane are now overhanging the road. It was agreed that EHDC Highways should be contacted. MB
6.5 No 2 Broad Green has resurfaced their drive right up to the road including the verge, on land that does not belong to them. A letter to EHDC planning has been suggested. MB
6.6 Rod Callaby asked about the 'EHDC supplementary planning supplement' - it was reported back that we are not affected. Noted
6.7 The Barn, County Livery has now been renamed The Barn, Long Meadow Stables the rest of the address is unchanged. Noted
6.8 Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards have sent a poster for us to display on animal health and welfare. It was decided that the posters could be used but in the smaller A4 size - MB to contact the Council. MB
6.9 Mark Prisk has written to us re a briefing by the Environment Agency called 'Whither our Water'. Unfortunately, none of the councillors were available to attend. Noted
7.0 Date of Next Meeting.
7.1 There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.15pm. Noted
7.2 The date of the next regular meeting is to be Monday 7th April 2008 to be held at Bayford JMI School at 7.45pm. (Please note date change) Noted
7.3 Dates of Future Meetings are as follows:-
Monday 21st April 2008. - The Annual Meeting
Monday 7th July 2008.