Bayford JMI School 9 July 2007

Parish Council Meeting

Michael Wainwright (Chair),
Alan Fitzjohn,
Bob Orme,
Jackie Fulcher,
George William Rowley,
Linda Halsey,
Maggie Broomer (Clerk)
1 member of the public.
1.0 Approval of Minutes – 23/04/07 and 18/06/07
1.1 The minutes were confirmed as read. Noted
2.0 Matters Arising
2.1 At the last meeting Bob raised whether we would be going into the red in our current account – this occurred for a short while due to the precept form being submitted late. Bob also asked if this occurred again could there not be an arrangement to transfer money between the 2 accounts. Noted
2.2 Weeds have now been sprayed in the children’s playground.Noted
2.3 The Community Police Officer has been informed and Rumball Sedgewick was consulted concerning the anti social behaviour in the children’s playground as reported by Mrs Chiltern. Noted
2.4 The laurel near to the gate in the children’s playground needs to be removed. MW
2.5 EHDC has now unblocked the sump in the village pond. Noted
2.6 Michael has researched a new dog ‘poo’ bin and it would cost £20.00 to install and £90.00 per year to be emptied – it was decided to go ahead with this and site the new bin mid way on the road to Bayford Green but not near any houses. MW
2.7 The gatepost by the football pitch needs replacing and possibly the fence needs repairing as well. AF
3.0 Acceptance of Office
3.1 The Declaration of Acceptance of Office form has now been filled in by all councillors. Noted
3.2 It was also agreed to accept the new Code of Practice for Parish Councillors. Noted
4.0 Footpaths & Stiles
4.1 MW reported to the meeting that the “Rights of Way” are adding a new footpath in front of Bayfordbury and down the exit drive. Noted
4.2 The style by 54 Bayford Green still needs to be resolved. MW
4.3 The stile adjacent to Ash Spinney in Bayford Lane needed to be replaced. Bill Brace asked if the footpath by this style could also be cleared, as it is very overgrown. Jackie to contact Mr and Mrs G. Sorenti who own this land. JF
5.0 Correspondence
5.1 A letter from the EHDC has been received asking for a representative on the Standards Committee – there were no offers. Noted
5.2 A letter has been received from EHDC relating to dates for the Annual Playground Inspections. Noted
5.3 Bob has now filled in relevant details for Barclays Bank. Noted
5.4 MW has asked that the process of the relevant correspondence needing to be seen by each councillor be speeded up. Jackie has suggested that each councillor gives holiday dates to the Clerk to help this process. All
5.5 Playing Fields and Open Spaces form to be filled in by Michael. MW
6.0 Planning Applications
6.1 The application for an extension at 1A Broad Green Wood has been passed. However, the application for change of use for Dean House has been refused. Noted
6.2 The deadline for raising any comments re the planning application for Russell Jeffrey at Riverside Garden Centre was missed. Noted
7.0 Accounts & Finance
7.1 The balance in the High Interest account will not be known until the next statement. Noted
7.2 £50.00 to be paid to the Diocese at St. Albans. Noted
8.0 Any other Business
8.1 It was asked to be noted by Jackie that grateful thanks be offered to Becky Wainwright for stepping in as temporary Clerk. Noted
8.2 Michael produced a new map showing the parish boundary, and from this it was deduced that Jesmond Cottage is part of Little Berkhamsted and not Bayford. Noted
8.3 George has responded to the letter and had a subsequent meeting with the Swain’s re the state of the pond in front of the school. It has been seen by a professional and judged to cost in 2 stages £1,200.00 each time. Donations have been asked for but at present there is not enough money in the school funds to pay for this. It was suggested to approach the Groundwork Trust at WGC/ Hatfield. GWR
8.4 Jackie has been approached by several residents re the wording of the new school sign. It was seen as not appropriate to be called a ‘Parish School.’ The sign is also in the wrong place and has already been knocked and is now wobbly in the ground. Noted