Bayford JMI School 18 June 2007

Parish Council Meeting

Present: Michael Wainwright (Chair),
Alan Fitzjohn,
Bob Orme,
Maggie Broomer (Clerk)
1.0 Approval of Minutes
1.1None, this being a extraordinary meeting. Noted
2.0 Matters Arising
2.1 All actions from the previous meeting had been completed. Noted
3.0Annual Accounts
3.1 David Latham will be signing off the accounts as the Internal Auditor. Noted
3.2 The audit commission form is to be submitted to Lubbock Fine. MEW
3.3 The Account were approved by the Council.MEW
4.0 Governance
4.1The Annual Governance Statement was completed and agreed by The Council. Noted
5.0 Any Other Business
5.1Bob Orme raised the issue that the road signs to Bucks Alley had been removed. The councillors believe that it the responsibility of Herts Council to replace them. MW agreed to investigate. Noted
5.2 Alan Fitzjohn stated that the Bayford Village sign by the church needed to be repaired or replaced but it is unknown whose responsibility it is. MEW agreed to investigate. MEW
6.0 Date of Next Meeting
6.1 There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.45pm. Noted
6.2 The date of the next regular meeting is to be 9th July 2007 held at Bayford JMI School at 8.00pm Noted