This letter was delivered to the Inspector after the formal meeting.

Mary T O’Rourke
Inspector, Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan Review,

Dear Ms. O’Rourke,

It will come as a shock to most residents of Bayford if these sites at Broad Green, Bunkers South and Howe Green are included in the plan, since we were convinced that the omission of the sites in the earlier plan that meant that they were 'not included'.

The applicant's appeal, if it were to succeed, would be planning through the back door; driven through by a very professional barrister, arguing on the grounds of a few technicalities, in a draft document being the Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan Review.

We have been campaigning for several years for the reinstatement of the are south of the River Lee. With the restoration of Bunkers and Pollards this is now a real possibility. We trust the serious issues of the community regarding traffic on the B158, environmental and plant impact etc. will be carefully considered. Being Green Belt and more importantly Bunkers and Broad Green designated areas of Landscape Conservation, how can they possibly improved it by digging it up and using it for a dumping ground? Most respectable farmers would confirm the land after this practise is useless other than as poor grassland prone to continued land settlement.

We would appreciate the inspector's confirmation that any decision is not binding on HCC. Can the local residence appeal against the decision?

We understand minerals must be mined where they are found; but are these small sites that will cause so much disruption to our community. After all Hertfordshire is predominately gravel and towards the end of the present plan we feel sure many bestter suited sited will be found. We would also point out that these sites were included originally because of pressure from SQ, not because they were selected by HCC. We believe HCC's acquiescence to SQ pressure at the time of the first draft was a mistake; possibly an example of their concept of 'proving the plan'.

As with the case of BAA, extending Stansted Airport as a private commercial concern, can you confirm that, as they will be doing, who will compensate local residents for loss to private property values and personal discomfort.

Yours sincerely
Michael Wainwright
Bayford Parish Council.