Update from PCSO Karen Broad.

Re Bayford Railway Station, This I have exhausted as they are not classed as causing an obstruction, or an offence in the layby, unfortunately as there is no other avenues to go I will be unable to do any more on this other than monitor it, or if we have a couple of serious accidents.

Bells for bags I will be happy to drop any bells of to someone if it helps or if they want to get a list of there neighbours ect I will drop them all off to one person.

Horse Safety on the roads Roads Policing and myself are planning on visiting yards at the beginning of June (fingers crossed I am out by then) to put forward crime prevention and how to stay safe on the roads whilst out riding.

NHW Launch we have arranged a Neighbourhood watch launch for 15th June at the school from 1900 - 20.30 and the village will be leaflet dropped to inform all residents of this.